The fourth appearance, and one of the villagers favourite, themes is back... the Amusement Park Theme!

New Introductory Modal

Start Date End Date
Thursday July 31, 2014 Tuesday August 5, 2014

Modals amusementweek0731@2x

Previously, the third appearance was on the dates: 

Start Date End Date
Thursday September 12, 2013 Tuesday September 17, 2013

Introductory Modal

Modals triassicThemePark 218@2x

To purchase any of the items featured in the Amusement Park Theme, select the Mallet, then Featured and select this Featured graphic while available. 

Featured AmusementPark

Challenges in the July-August 2014 AppearanceEdit

Main Steps: Same as in the 2012 appearance. 

Let's get started!

AmusementPark LetsGetStarted

Amusement Park Theme

Required Task


1 Build a Small Ferris Wheel 400XP & 400Coins
2 Build a Ring Toss Table 400XP & 400Coins

Build 2 Square Bushes Build a Ruperts Flower Patch

400XP & 400Coins

4 Build 1 Ticket Counter

400XP & 400Coins


Complete 1 of each recipe.

{Ticket, Three Ticket, Bundle}

400XP & 400Coins


Build a Large Ferris Wheel

400XP & 


Note: There is some discrepancy in the files, but sadly no crystals are rewarded. Here the description says you will receive five crystals, but in fact, you only receive the standard 400 Coins and 400 XP. What a disappointment!

AmusementPark NoCrystals

Challenges in the 2013 AppearanceEdit

Unlocking Steps:

Unlocking Challenges
1. Unlock the Ring Toss Table Collect 10 rocks, 20 wood and 25 fur.
2. Unlock the Ticket Counter Collect 10 rocks and 15 wood.
3. Unlock the Rest! Collect 15 rocks, 20 wood and 10 fur.
Unlock All Build 1 Small Ferris Wheel for 3 crystals but it still takes 4 hours. 

Goals objective amusementpark@2x

Main ChallengeYou must be this tall!

Goals Objective Image Challenge Name Goals Completion Image
Goals objective amusementparktheodore@2x

You must be this tall !

Steps shown for higher-level villages only. 

Lower-level villages may need to make 1 or 2 less items for some of the challenges. 

Goals complete amusementparktheodore@2x

Amusement Park Theme

Required Task


1 Build 2 Ring Toss Tables 400XP & 400Coins
2 Build 2 Small Ferris Wheels 400XP & 400Coins
3 Build 2 Square Bushes & 2 Flower Patch Ruperts

400XP & 400Coins

4 Build 1 Ticket Counter

400XP & 400Coins


Complete 2 of each recipe.

{Ticket, Three Ticket, Bundle}

400XP &

2 Crystals


Build 2 Large Ferris Wheels

400XP & 

3 Crystals


The Amusement Park Theme brings with it lots of fun and exciting attractions for adult and children villagers including rides, games, and even a little something for those with a green thumb.

The following nine decorations are all needed in various steps to complete the You Must Be This Tall! challenge.

Item Square Bush Ruperts Flower
Ring Toss
Decoration squarebushes@2x
Decoration rupertsfaceflowerpatch@2x
Decoration ringtosstable@2x
Cost 500 Coins 2500 Coins 1500 Coins
Build Time 0.5 Hours 2 Hours 6 Hours
Tax 5 Coins / 4 Hours 50 Coins / 6 Hours 20 Coins / 8 Hours
Footprint [1x1] [4x4] [3x3]

Next are the Small Ferris Wheels, and there are three to chose from, each with a different colour scheme. These wheels are fairly simple with very little flare, and apart from the colours and the costs there is no difference between all the Small Ferris Wheels.


Small Ferris
Wheel 1

Small Ferris
Wheel 2
Small Ferris
Wheel 3
Decoration ferriswheelsmall1@2x
Decoration ferriswheelsmall2@2x
Decoration ferriswheelsmall3@2x
Cost 1000 Coins 3 Crystals 39 Crystals
Build Time 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours
Tax 15 Coins / 7 Hours 15 Coins / 7 Hours 15 Coins / 7 Hours
Footprint [3x3] [3x3] [3x3]

Even in prehistoric times humans would strive to make things bigger and better. While attempting this the folks of Tiny Village came up with the Large Ferris Wheel! Each Large Ferris Wheel sports an elaborate and creative design with a larger base, lights, artwork, and elegant gondola-style cabins! Like the Small Ferris Wheels, there isn't much difference among Large Ferris Wheels except for the colours and the costs.

Item Large Ferris
Wheel 1
Large Ferris
Wheel 2
Large Ferris
Wheel 3
Decoration ferriswheellarge1@2x
Decoration ferriswheellarge2@2x
Decoration ferriswheellarge3@2x
Cost 2000 Coins 49 Crystals 49 Crystals
Build Time 18 Hours 18 Hours 18 Hours
Tax 40 Coins / 8 Hours 40 Coins / 8 Hours 40 Coins / 8 Hours
Footprint [4x4] [4x4] [4x4]

Featured StoreEdit

This theme introduces the limited [3,3] Ticket Counter, which you will need to complete the challenge.

Item Ticket Counter
Shop parkticketsshop@2x
Cost 8000 Coins
Build Time 12 Hours

One Ticket
25 Minutes, 27 Wood
85 Coins and 215XP

Three Tickets
1 Hour 35 Minutes, 85 Wood
230 Coins and 720XP

Pots & Pans
8 Hours, 207 Wood
595 Coins and 1630XP

Premium Time-Released ItemsEdit

Not all decorations or items are typically available on the first day of a new theme. Typically several items will be time-released over the weekend and usually are only available for purchase using crystals. These items will be referred to as premium time-released items.

1. House of Mirrors Store:

On Saturday, the House of Mirrors Store was brought back for a limited time. There are three versions, only one of which is available to a player depending on their current level. The level intervals for the store are level 5, 25, and 40 with crystal costs of 89, 119, and 139 respectively.

Modals incredibleIllusions 218@2x

2. Roller Coaster

On Sunday the very popular Roller Coaster decoration was made available again for 179 crystals. The Roller Coaster is a thrilling ride that's fun for everyone!

Modals thrillingRide 218@2x
Item Roller Coaster
Decoration rollercoaster@2x
Cost 179 Crystals
Return 450 coins / 6 Hours
Build Time 12 Hours
Footprint [7x7]

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