The Anniversary Cake celebrates the anniversary of Tiny Village each November. It is one of those rare decorations whose form or appearance changes during the game. 

Multiple Appearances of Anniversary CakesEdit

Year Initial Form Plundered Cake Cake with Candle
Decoration tinyvillagebirthdaycake v1@2x
Decoration tinyvillagebirthdaycake v2@2x
Decoration tinyvillagebirthdaycake v3@2x
Decoration birthdaycake02a@2x
Decoration birthdaycake02b@2x
Decoration birthdaycake02c@2x
2014 In the future.  - - -  - - -
2015 In the future.  - - -  - - -
2016 In the future.  - - -  - - -

Comments: The 2013 Anniversary Cake is a recolored version of the 2012 first anniversary cake. The green candy mint on top has become a red peppermint candy. The icing is now light blue instead of pink, and the cake stand color has been adjusted to match the icing. The plundered cake reveals that the actual cake is much darker in 2013 than in 2012. Guess the cook added a lot more cocoa? 

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