Get ready to go on a hunt for some awesome dinosaur bones in the return of Archaeology Week

June 2014 AppearanceEdit

Start Date End Date
Thursday June 5th, 2014 Thursday June 12th, 2014

August 2013 AppearanceEdit

Start: Thursday August 1st, 2013

A mysterious bone has the whole village curious.

Will they discover Pre-Prehistoric Life?

Modals villageArcheology v2@2x


A. Unlocking Challenges

ArchaeologyWeek MysteriousBone
Step Task Required
1. Unlock Small Dig Site Collect 15 rocks, 15 wood and 30 fur.
2. Unlock Fossil Collect 90 rocks and 85 wood.
3. Unlock the Archaeology Shop Collect 105 rocks, 120 wood and 80 fur.
- - - or - - -   - - - or - - - 
Unlock All Build 1 Trilobite fossil for 5 crystals

B. Main Challenge: Dem Bones!

Let's get started!

Archaeology LetsGetStarted
Step Dem Bones! - Task Reward

Build 1 Small Dig Site and Complete recipes using the Tool Store

- Complete 3 Bone Recipes

- Complete 3 Hammer Recipes

400Coins & 400XP
2 Build 3 Fossils (for high-level villages). 400Coins & 400XP
3 Build the Archeology Store. 400Coins & 400XP

Complete 1 Spade Recipe

Complete 3 Dust Brush Recipes

Complete 3 Magnifying Recipes

400Coins & 400XP
5 Build the Large Dig Site 5 Crystals & 400XP
Alert! Time limit of 15 Hours. 

To keep you motivated, here's a snapshot of that awesome five-crystal reward after you finish all the steps. 

Archaeology FiveCrystalReward


Spend the week at an archaeological dig and take home any fossils you find!

Perhaps you will find a cool fern fossil!

Fern Fossil

Item Fern Fossil
Decoration fernfossil 1 thumbnail@2x
Cost 1,250 Coins
Reward 15 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [2, 2]
Build 6 Hours or 6 Crystals

Dig a little deeper, and you might find some well-preserved fossils of ancient animals!

Animal Fossils

Item Ammonite Fossil Sabretooth Fossil Trilobite Fossil
Decoration ammonitefossil 2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration sabertoothfossil 4 thumbnail@2x
Decoration trilobitefossil 3 thumbnail@2x
Cost 19 Crystals 29 Crystals 5 Crystals
Reward 30 Coins / 5 Hours 95 Coins / 6 Hours 25 Coins / 8 Hours
Footprint [2, 2] [3, 3] [3, 3]
Build 6 Hours or 6 Crystals 6 Hours or 6 Crystals 6 Hours or 6 Crystals

Archaeological Dig Sites!

Like collecting fossils? Then why not start your own archaeological digs!

Start of small, or go all out with a really big dig site! 

Item Small Dig Site Large Dig Site
Decoration smalldigsite thumbnail@2x
Decoration largedigsite@2x
Cost 2,750 Coins 4,500 Coins
Reward 25 Coins / 6 Hours 54 Coins / 4 Hours
Footprint [2, 2] [4, 4]
Build 8 Hours or 8 Crystals 12 Hours or 12 Crystals

Digging for fossils is hard work! Let's take a  break and go cave exploring. 

Cave Paintings

Item Cave Paintings
Decoration cavepainting thumbnail@2x
Cost 69 Crystals
Reward 95 Coins / 5 Hours
Footprint [3, 3]
Build 10 Hours or 10 Crystals

Signature Decoration: Mysterious Dino SkeletonEdit

During the dig, the villagers excavate this terror hidden by time

You too, can have this awesome dino skeleton exhibit for only 159 crystals. 

Modals mysteriousDinoSkeleton v2@2x

Dino Skeleton Infobox

Item Dino Skeleton
Decoration dinoskeletonstatue thumbnail@2x
Cost 159 Crystals
Reward 235 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [3, 3]
Build 12 Hours or 12 Coins

During this weekly theme, the first Spotlight was shown on, of course, the fearsome Skelesaurus!

Modals spotlight skelesaurus@2x

Trivia: It appears the spelling has been corrected to Archaeology for this second round. 

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