New Bingo has started!

Start Date End Date
Tuesday July 15th, 2014 Tuesday July 22nd, 2014

Modals Bingo0715 v2@2x

Note: Early Finish! Contrary to what is claimed in the modal, this round of Bingo finished early, somemtime midafternoon EST on Monday!

To play the New Bingo for July 2014, click on the Mallet, then Featured and select this Featured Graphic.

Featured newdinobingo0715@2x

Or click on this shiny new HUD, released a couple of days after New Bingo started. 

HUD NewBingo0717 icon@2x

This will lead you to three different Bingo boards. Features two brand new dinos, the Emerald Bambiraptor and the Neon Raptor ! Note, there is no challenge offered as part of this Bingo.  Play three different awesome Bingo Pattern Boards with exclusive new prizes and a price point for everyone!

Bingo Prize TableEdit

Regular Bingo Super Bingo Mystery Bingo

Featured lavafountainbingo0715@2x

25 Crystals per Play

Featured superbingo0715@2x

49 Crystals per Play

Featured mysterybingo0715@2x

59 Crystals per Play


Lava Fountain Habitat

(Not a new item)

Emerald Bambiraptor

Neon Raptor

Habitat premium lavafountain@2x
EmeraldBambiraptor Baby
NeonRaptor BabyLeaping

Room for 3 Dinos 

Footprint: [7, 7]

Biome: Jungle or 

Forest, Tier 2

Biome: Primordia or

Forest, Tier 3

Capacity: 2,500 Coins 

Once you complete the four prize squares for Mystery Bingo, pop open the Dino Den to collect your newly-delivered Neon Raptor egg. Or, if you complete the five squares for the Emerald Bambiraptor first, go get him instead! 

Prize Notification Snapshots

Carrot House Vegetable Patch Habitat Nuralagus Egg
PrizeNotification LavaFountainHabitat
PrizeNotification EmeraldBambiraptor
PrizeNotification NeonRaptor

Bingo BoardsEdit

Here are some sample Bingo Boards. The design of the Super Bingo Boards and the Mystery Bingo Boards are the same for all players, but some of the prizes are still determined randomly for each board. 

Super Board Mystery Board

Bingo July2014 SuperBoard

Bingo July2014 MysteryBoard

Pattern: 5 Blue Squares Pattern: 4 Blue Squares

However, there are a near-infinite number of Regular Bingo Boards. Here are a few from various players. 

The patternrequires 9 tiles. 

Regular Board 1 Regular Board 2
Bingo July2014 RegularBoard1

> > Add when ready

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