• Paula1978


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  • SophieMo

    I am about 2/3 the way through level 69 and am looking forward to freeing up space that is currently being filled by masses of stores. The question I have for all of you who have made it to 70 is what to do with stores after that point? Inventory management is always a challenge. I will keep at least one of each but is there a need to keep more than that or do you just sell them?

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  • Tinydude17

    Tinydude Update

    February 26, 2014 by Tinydude17

    Hi Everyone,

    As I'm sure most of you have realized I haven't been around much lately, this started 2/3 months ago when I couldn't log into my village for about six weeks. Since then life has gotten even more busy and hectic than it already was with lots of big and exciting changes. 

    Despite a few attempts the last couple weeks to really get back into the game, I'm just underwhelmed by the content lately and how slow it is running on my device. Needless to say it's unlikely I'll be very active here over the next while, if ever again. Who knows, I may pick it up for awhile again if there's an exciting improvement, but we all know those are few and far between now.

    I'll still be checking my village every now and then so there might be small chan…

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  • Johaley

    It was my understanding that both Unaysaurus and Unasysausus exist. I have an UnaYsaurus in my village. On Wednesday, I fused an UnaSYsausus. I checked and double checked before I kept the UnaSYsausus. However, when I moved it to the den it became an UnaYsaurus. Oh no! Now I have two of the same. Has this happened to anyone else?

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  • Starangel148

    MF 1/4

    January 4, 2014 by Starangel148

    Level 9 Kentro + Level 9 Archae

    Result: Rainbow Pheonix (result from times 9:36-11 & 11:35-11:48 am CT, MFed during the 11:35-11:48 segment)

    Total attempts: 98

    Fail- 44

    Minmi- 22

    Bambi- 8

    Nemi- 4

    Twoheaded dragon- 4

    Purple Bambi- 3


    Sky dragon- 2

    Shadow dragon- 2

    Spooky Halloween dragon- 1

    ghost minmi- 1

    ghost sky dragon- 1

    ghost twoheaded dragon- 1

    kapro- 1

    Rainbow phoenix- 1

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  • Starangel148

    MF 1/3

    January 4, 2014 by Starangel148

    Level 9 Brontosaurus + Level 9 Pterodactyl

    Result: Fall Turkeysaurus (MFed between 6:20 pm to 7:15 am) Was going for either fall leaf dragon or fall turkeysaurus

    Total attempts: 46

    Fail- 17

    Triceratops- 6

    Archae- 5

    Butterfly- 5

    Anchio- 4

    Ingridia- 3

    Dilo- 1

    Rainbow Dilo- 1

    Woolly- 1

    Turtle- 1

    Homa- 1

    Fall Turkeysaurus- 1

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  • Starangel148

    MF 1/2/14

    January 3, 2014 by Starangel148

    Level 9 Tri + Level 9 Archae

    Result: Yellow Leaf Dragon (MFed between 10:35 pm to 12:15 am) Was going for either yellow leaf dragon or rainbow phoenix

    Total attempts: 123

    Fail- 58

    Pachy- 22

    Bambi- 9

    Orange Pachy- 6

    Purple Bambi- 5


    Spooky Halloween dragon- 3

    Nemi- 3

    Ghost plump dragon- 2

    Plump dragon- 2

    Rainbow shadow dragon- 2

    Incisivo.- 1

    ghost shadow dragon- 1

    shadow dragon- 1

    ghost pachy- 1

    spooky sky dragon- 1

    Yellow Leaf dragon- 1

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  • Starangel148

    MF 12/30/13

    December 31, 2013 by Starangel148

    Level 9 Giant Turtle + Level 9 Wooly Rhino

    Result: Red Leaf Dragon (My persistence pays off!)

    Total attempts: 263

    Fail- 104

    Pachy- 48

    Saber- 41

    Orange Pachy- 14

    Sloth- 10

    Ghost plump dragon- 6

    ghost sloth- 6

    ghost pachy- 6

    Unay.- 4

    Abominable snowman- 4

    Corgi- 3

    Snow Phoenix- 3

    Water dragon- 3

    Snow Leopard- 2

    Black Saber- 2

    White saber- 2

    Incisivo.- 2

    ghost water dragon- 1

    Minmi- 1

    Red Leaf dragon- 1

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  • Carmel64

    Multi fusion results

    December 9, 2013 by Carmel64

    Adult Mesohippus + Adult Pterodactyl

    Results: Butterfly / Dilophosaurus / Rainbow Dilophosaurus / Butterfly / Dilophosaurus / Fail / Rainbow Dilophosaurus / Ingridia / Ingridia / Ingridia / Fail / Archaeopteryx / Archaeopteryx / Archaeopteryx / Ingridia / Triceratops / Ingridia / Fail / Archaeopteryx / Dilophosaurus / Butterfly / Butterfly / Anchiornis / Triceratops / Triceratops / Ghost Turtle / Fail / Corythosaurus / Turtle / Fail / Butterfly / Anchiornis / Anchiornis / Butterfly / Turtle / Rainbow Dilophosaurus / Dilophosaurus / Archaeopteryx / Anchiornis / Ghost Corythosaurus / Butterfly / Triceratops / Archaeopteryx / Fail / Anchiornis / Fail / Woolly rhino / Fail / Triceratops / Yellow Archaeopteryx / Archaeopteryx / Fail / Homaloceph…

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  • Newman39

    Thankful for a new site

    November 30, 2013 by Newman39

    Hi fellow obsessed TV people.  Glad I found this site.  Only found it yesterday and have already learned new stuff!  I am level 70 and current with dinos up to and including the fall turkey.  I always thought the mistaken UnaSy would leave me missing one dino on the counter until I diiscovered that it could be fused,  success today.  so 80/83 and waiting to see if the leaf dragons can be fused.  look forward to learning new stuff from you all! 

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  • Johaley


    November 27, 2013 by Johaley

    Hi everyone! What is the major difference in tiny village wiki and wiki uncut??? Why both? I googled for a picture of the fall turkey and ended up here. Happy thanksgiving!

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  • Tinydude17

    Experimentation Blog

    September 17, 2013 by Tinydude17

    This blog will be used soley for my own purposes while experimenting with new wiki editing concepts.

    Nothing of any importance will be posted here!

    Most, if not all, things will be deleted from here once I'm done playing and tinkering!



    Sample Birthday Counter

    Dinosaur Life Stage Age In DaysComments
    Spooky Dragon Adult }}-}} Lies! I don't have it yet!

    |This birthday is wrong! The Raptor was my first rare dino! |- |Raptor | |}}- -2011}} |abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz |- |Raptor | |}}- -2011}} | ) }} |- | ) }} | ) }} | ) }} | ) }} |}

    Control Sample - In Testing
    Dinosaur Age In DaysThusday Friday Saturday Sunday
    1 Day old ) }} 2 3 4 5
    29 Days Old ) }} 30 31 32 33
    98 Days Old ) }} 99 100 101 102
    198 Days Old ) }} 199 200 201 2…

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  • Paula1978

    Dragon Collection

    September 8, 2013 by Paula1978

    I have often wondered why Tiny Village Inc. has not added to the dino collection premiums. It seemed an easy way to spark interest in dino collection again. I think a dragon collection would be a no brainer. If they do not want to make up new decorations, they could just give away a free dino, habitat, etc. that has already been designed. It seems like the possibilities would be endless and may even spark crystal purchases when dinos are for sale. What are your ideas for possible dino collections? We can only dream!

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  • Starangel148

    what just happened?

    August 30, 2013 by Starangel148

    My game glitched and somewhow purchased the Corythosaurus- even though it's no longer available for purchase. Anyone else's game glitching?

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  • SophieMo

    I have a feeling.

    August 1, 2013 by SophieMo

    I have a feeling that something new may be coming to Tiny Village.  Like a new update with something major.  The reasons I think that are the new expansions, the outage and the fact that Tiny Castle and Tiny Monsters games have recently had significant updates with new features.  If it was just Tiny Castle ( a newer game) it wouldn't lead me to think so, but Tiny Monsters has been around for quite a while.  Also almost all the new creatures have been listed as tier 4. 

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  • Starangel148

    Weird HH day

    July 14, 2013 by Starangel148

    I've spent a good portion of the day HHing. All day, all non-12 HH eggs, have either been Andrews or Woollys. Weird right?

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  • Starangel148

    MF issues

    July 4, 2013 by Starangel148

    I would like to get some feedback on this. Had an issue when I tried to MF this morning- mainly that sometime when I would open the game it would show an egg and sometimes I would open the game and it would the dinos as if fusion was still going on. It isn't that I hadn't given it enough time- fusion had completed 2 hours prior to me attempting MF. Sometimes it would show the dinos still fusing several times in a row, sometimes it woudl give me an egg several times in a row. Sometime it would show the dinos and say can not connect to server before game crashed. I finally got a fail and called it a day because I was having such issues MFing.

    Thoughts anyone?

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  • RobinCarr

    This personal page will record an attempt to get a better bingo board after following recent discoveries posted here earlier today by a wikiacon in Canada. You must never have opened Bingo for this to work. Once the boards arrive and have time to be saved - you are stuck with them it seems. This seems very sililar to Multifusion. 

    Trick: Disconnect as soon as the Modals Pop-Up at start-up. Examine your boards. Reconnect and see if the boards have changed. If so - are they better? Repeat until you see a good board. Then reconnect for good - and play the rest of the game with the best board you can get. 

    Let's see if this actually works. 

    During this first connection, the Bingo files actually downloaded. 

    As soon as the modals popped up - I disc…

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  • Paula1978

    During the storybook theme, Tiny Village Inc has started the practice of raising prices on crystal items such as the bookstore and the storybook cottage. Do you think this is an attempt to balance the 60% crystal sale, encourage players to buy crystal items the first time they are offered for sale or an indication of another crystal producer item? So far this has made me reconsider buying the storybook theme house and hopefully I can resist the book shop. Entering a book store is a budget breaking experience for me in real life.

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  • Tinydude17

    Village Goals

    May 15, 2013 by Tinydude17

    Hey everyone! This page is a place for me to keep track of my progress in various in-game goals I'm working towards. It's a place to keep track of achievements, milestones, and setbacks.

    Also, don't hesitate to comment with your own personal goals or any thoughts on new or existing goal ideas or strategies!

    This has been an ongoing goal of my village since I first started playing, and it will be an ongoing challenge since new dinos are released every few weeks! Any progress on this goal will be accomplished through random hatching and fusion as I refuse to spend 100's of hard earned crystals on dinos that I know I can eventually get for free. I'm a patient man... most of the time!

    All dinos are listed below, seperated by tiers, in the order t…

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  • MissT732

    Missing Dino?

    May 9, 2013 by MissT732

    So I just logged into my game today and my dino den had hatched a pterodactyl that I fused yesterday.  When I emptied the den, it read 60/61 dinos collected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOw can this be?  I have the Sky Dragon and was at 61/61 since Bingo!!!  What is going on?  Is there another bug with the numbering system with the new dino in the horizon?  Is it here?  Have they united the two unay and unasy twins to count as one??? Hmmm??  Any thoughts?

    PHEW!!!  update: May 13th

    Turns out I was missing an ankylosaurus, somehow fused all of them including my oldest one.  This chap won't be so hard to replace.

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  • Tinydude17

    Multi Fusion Diary

    April 9, 2013 by Tinydude17

    Tier 2 Fusion: Anchiornis (Teen) + Dilophosaurus (Toddler)

    Desired Tier 3 Offspring: Abominable Snowman or Snow Phoenix or Red Minmi

    F, F, F, F, F, Black Sabretooth, Sabretooth, F, F, Minmi, F, Bambiraptor, Minmi, Minmi, Bambiraptor, Giant Sloth, Minmi, F, Sabretooth, F, F, F, Phoenix, F, F, Sabretooth, Minmi, F, Minmi, Ghost Minmi, and... caught by server, reason unknown.

    Successful Fusion Rate: 15 of 30 = 50.00%

    Tier 2 Fusion: Turkeysaurus (Adult) + Anchiornismartyniuk (Adult)

    Desired Tier 3 Offspring: Abominable Snowman or Snow Phoenix or Red Minmi

    Bambiraptor, Bambiraptor, F, Sabretooth Tiger, Sabretooth Tiger, F, Sabretooth Tiger, Sabretooth Tiger, Nemicolopterus, F, Minmi, Minmi, Minmi, Minmi, Sabretooth Tiger, Minmi, Sabretooth Tiger, and…

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  • Tinydude17

    I have now come to dread the often offered crystal sales. 

    Ever since the release of version 1.17 crystal sales have drawn loading times to absurd lengths. Not because of the game itself, no no, but because the game is having to connect directly to the Apple Store to load the prices before I can bypass the crystal sale pop up.

    As you can see to the right, the entire promotional screen is dimmed out as the device is trying to connect to the Apple Store, thus making it impossible to click the little x in the top right hand corner to close the window. For me at least this was never an issue on prior versions as I alway could still click the little x! 

    The most ironic part of this is the 'Hurry! Limited Time Offer!' caption to the left of the tim…

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  • MissT732

    Dino Hunting Log

    March 5, 2013 by MissT732

    I have two villages and they have very different goals in terms of dino collection.  My original Level 70 village is for the completist and must have every single dino out there.  As a result it is full of habitats and I try to organize them to please the eye.  My second village (Level 54) is very discriminate and has recently evicted all the ghost dinos with the exception of the ghost mamoth whom is a bit cofused about his identity and lives with the elder of the village (153 day old mammoth first dino hatched in this village).  This village doesn't welcome the dilo with poor manners nor any duplicate dinos with the exception of the penguin (he's just too cute!).  In this blog, I would like to keep track of my MF sessions as I collect mor…

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  • Tinydude17

    Simultaneous MF with RobinCarr. March 3, 2013. Start time 5:10 Pacific, 8:10 Eastern

    Slot 1: Adult Paras

    Slot 2: Adult Mammoth

    Attempt #
    Time in EST Result


    8:11 Pterodactyl
    2 8:12 Andrewsarchus
    3 8:14 Fail
    4 8:16 Fail
    5 8:17 Brontornis
    6 8:19 Fail
    7 8:20 Fail
    8 8:22 Andrewsarchus
    9 8:23 Oviraptor
    10 8:25 Pterodactyl
    11 8:26 Pterodactyl
    12 8:28 Pterodactyl
    13 8:30 Fail
    14 8:31 Brontornis
    15 8:32 Fail
    16 8:34 Andrewsarchus
    17 8:35 Fail
    18 8:37 Brontornis
    19 8:38 Andrewsarchus
    20 8:40 Pterodactyl
    21 8:41 Brontornis
    22 8:42 Brontornis
    23 8:44 Andrewsarchus
    24 8:45 Lucky Mammoth
    25 8:47 Fail
    26 8:49 Brontornis
    27 8:51 Pterodactyl
    28 8:52 Brontornis
    29 8:54 Pterodactyl
    30 8:55 Pterodactyl
    31 8:57 Pterodactyl
    32 8:58 Pterodactyl
    33 9:00 Andrewsarchus
    34 9:01 Fail
    35 9:03 Lucky Mammot…

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