Modals BoosterPack rainbow 0618@2x
Start Date End Date
Wednesday June 18th, 2014 Tuesday 6PM, June 24th

Transition: Ended right on schedule and was replaced by Undersea Crates

Featuring three FAV DINOS all dressed up in Rainbow Colors! 

To purchase a Rainbow Booster Pack, select the Mallet, then press Featured and select the following Featured Graphic. 

Featured boosterpacks0618@2x

or choose the HUD appearing on the right of yoour screen: 

HUD boosterpack0618 icon@2x


Featured items include three rainbow-themed dinos that we have seen previously. For the first time in years, no new dino was introduced. In addition to these awesome offers, the booster packs include cool habitats and some exclusive statue decorations. Except for the dinos and crystal amounts, the contents closely resemble the Labor Day Booster Pack that started August 28th, 2013. 




Featured laborDay gold@2x
Featured laborDay silver@2x
Featured laborDay bronze@2x

Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow Phoenix

Rainbow Dilophosaurus

Rainbowshadowdragon baby@2x
Rainbowphoenix babyV2@2x
Rainbowdilophosorus baby@2x


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes

Statue or Decoration Gold Nemicolopterus Silver Mesohippus Bronze Turtle
Decorations goldnemistatue@2x
Decorations silvermessohippusstatue@2x
Decorations bronzeturtlestatue thumbnail@2x

Therapeutic Taiga

Desert Dreamland

Friendly Forest

BoosterPack icons therapeutictaiga@2x
Icons boosterpack emrerald desertDreamland@2x
Icons boosterpack friendlyForest@2x
Cost $39.99 $19.99 $6.99

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