Prismatic Booster Packs

A pair of awesome new dinos joined the "retired"  Ingridia in a spectacular new Booster Pack Combo for the new Year. Collect these awesome new dinos available exclusively in one of these Prismatic Booster packs. 

Or, try your luck at fusing them!

Start Date End Date
Wednesday January 29th 2014 ???
Modals BoosterPack prismatic 0129@2x

To purchase a Booster Pack, tap the Mallet, select Featured and then tap the following Booster Pack graphic. 

Featured boosterpacks0129@2x

Or, select this beautiful HUD when it is available on the right of your screen. 

HUD boosterpack0129 icon@2x

Or, click this Goal Icon on the left of your screen. 

Goals specialGoal prismaticbooster@2x


Featured items include two new dinos - the Prism Unaysaurus and the Grim Spinosaurus. In addition to these awesome offers, the booster packs include cool habitats like the fan-favorite Victory Volcano, Ancient Island, and the awesome Tropical Island.

Gold Pack

Silver Pack

Bronze Pack

Icons boosterpack unaysaurusrainbow@2x

Prism Unaysaurus

Icons boosterpack spinosaurusblack@2x

Grim Spinosaurus

Icons boosterpack ingridia@2x




Crystal GiftBundle LoRes


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes

Knight Rupert Bronticorn Slumbering Regina
Statue or Decoration
Decoration shiningknightrupert@2x
Decoration bronticorn@2x
Decoration slumberingregina@2x

>> Victory Volcano

>> Ancient Island

>> Tropical Island

Cost $39.99 $19.99 $6.99

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