Start Date End Date
Expected to start shortly! Some pieces still not ready.  Tuesday June 3rd, 2014
Modals BoosterPack pirateBootyBoosters0520@2x

An earlier version of the modal did not feature the "New Huge Dino!" messages and showed a different unicorn for the Lost Doubloons pack. 

Modals BoosterPack pirateBootyBoosters0516@2x

Older version of modal for 2014.

Check out the new Booster Packs for May 2014 featuring two new dinos and exclusive decorations. 

To purchase any of the three booster packs for May 2014, select the mallet, then Featured and select this handsome graphic: 

Featured boosters0516@2x

Or, click the HUD appearing on the right of your screen:

HUD boosters0516 icon@2x

Or, directly click on the challenge icon appearing on the left of your screen. 

Goal icon pinkunicornstatue@2x


Likely, these new Treasured Booster Packs are based on the original Davy 'Jones' Booster packs from September 29th 2012. This is why we are guessing all three unicorns will appear. Note however, the order of the unicorns has been scrambled. 

Modals BoosterPack pirateBootyBoosters@2x

Ancient History: Modal for Davy Jones Packs


Featured items include two new dinos. In addition to these awesome offers, the booster packs include cool habitats and some exclusive statue decorations. 

Sunken Treasures

Hidden Booty

Lost Doubloons

Featured booster sunkentreasures v2@2x
Featured booster hiddenbooty v2@2x
Featured booster lostdoubloons v2@2x

Light Dragon

Flower Petal Dragon


Spookyhalloweendragonlight baby@2x
Flowerleafdragon baby@2x


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes

Statue or Decoration Pink Unicorn Gold Unicorn White Unicorn
Decoration pinkunicornstatue thumbnail@2x
Decoration yellowunicornstatue thumbnail@2x
Decoration whiteunicornstatue thumbnail@2x

Calming Cloud

Flower Field

Volcanic Vista

Habitat premium calmingcloud thumbnail@2x
Habitat premium flowerfield thumbnail@2x
Habitat premium volcano thumbnail@2x
Cost $39.99 $19.99 $6.99

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