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Wednesday, August 28th 2013


Tuesday September 3rd 2013


Introductory Modal

Modals BoosterPack laborDayBoosters2@2x

2013 Modal for Labor Day Boosters

New modal design is almost the same as last year. The only changes from the 2012 Modal are variations in the background colors (now gold, silver and bronze instead of all yellow) and the dropping of the word new in the phrase "new booster packs".  

Modals BoosterPack laborDayBoosters

Older 2012 Modal for Labor Day Boosters

To purchase a Labor Day Booster Pack, click on the Booster HUD or tap the Mallet, select Featured and then tap the Booster icon. 

FeaturedButtons laborDay@2x

Contents of the Booster PacksEdit

It appears the Labor Day 2013 Booster Packs will not introduce a new dino after all. Dinos: Gold Pack features a Triceratops, Silver Pack features a Kentrosaurus.  Aacckk - no new dinos!

Gold Pack Silver Pack Bronze Pack
Featured laborDay gold@2x
Featured laborDay silver@2x
Featured laborDay bronze@2x
450 Crystals 100 Crystals 50 Crystals
Triceratops Kentrosaurus 1000 Coins
Gold Nemicolopterus Statue Silver Mesohippus Statue Bronze Turtle Statue

Therapeutic Taiga

Cost: $34.99

but was $69.99

Desert Dreamland

Cost: $14.99

but was $29.99

Friendly Forest

Cost: $6.99

but was $11.99

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