Nothing celebrates the coming spring more than beautiful Cherry Blossoms

Start Date End Date
Thursday January 9th, 2014
Modals cherryblossom RS@2x

To purchase any of the items featured in the Cherry Blossom theme,  select the Mallet, then Featured and select this beautiful graphic featuring the Giant Tea Cup.

Featured graphic cherryblossom

Premium Time-Released ItemsEdit

As the theme progresses, you will have a chance to grab some of these awesome decorations. 

Tea Shop Store: This beautiful store was only released for purchase on Monday, marking a recent trend where the premium time-released items are not showing up during the weekend, as they have in the past.  Only one store will be available for purchase in the shop, depending on your level.

Modals teaTime RS@2x

Each version has a [4, 4] footprint and takes 8 hours or 6 crystals to build. 


Tea Shop Store

Level 4

Tea Shop Store

Level 12

Tea Shop Store

Level 20

Shops teashop@2x
Shops teashop2@2x
Shops teashop3@2x


Buildings icon crystals@2x


Buildings icon crystals@2x


Buildings icon crystals@2x

The recipe menu for the top level store is shown below. 

TeaShopStoreTopVersion RecipeMenu

Lucky Cat

The Lucky Cat was re-released late Monday evening Jan 13th, 2014. 

Modals luckyCat RS@2x
Item Lucky Cat
Decoration manekineko@2x
Cost 169 Crystals
Size [3, 3]
Reward 650 Coins / 8 Hours
Build 8 Hours or 4 Crystals

Maneki-Neko: Inside the game, the Lucky Cat file is referred to as Maneki-neko which is Japanese for "beckoning cat". Today, these ceramic figurines are believed to bring good luck and fortune to the lucky owner. Other nicknames include: welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat and fortune cat. From wikipedia: "It is commonly believed the higher the raised paw, the greater the luck. Consequently, over the years maneki-neko's paw has tended to appear ever higher. Some use the paw height as a crude method of gauging the relative age of a figure. Another common belief is that the higher the paw, the greater the distance good fortune will come from." Maneki-neko are often depicted holding a gold coin called a koban used during the Edo period in Japan. 

Here are two actual Japanese Lucky cats from the Wikipedia article. 

Maneki-neko #1 Maneki-neko #2
Maneki neko 1
Maneki neko 2

Collar, Bib and Bell, from Wikipedia

"Maneki-neko usually have some sort of decoration around their neck. This can be a neckerchief or a scarf but the most common attire is a collar, bell and decorative bib. These items are most likely in imitation of what was common attire for cats in wealthy households during the Edo period. Red collars made from a red flower, the hichirimen, were popular and small bells were attached for decoration and to keep track of the cat's whereabouts. The bib, may be similar to that also seen adorning the Buddhist divinity called Jizō Bosatsu."


Goals Objective Image Challenge Name Goals Completion Image
Goals objective reginacherryblossom@2x

Blossoms in Bloom

Steps shown for higher-level villages only. 

Lower-level villages may need to make 1 or 2 less items for some of the challenges. 

Goals completion reginacherryblossom@2x

After a long hard winter, Regina is dreaming of spring flowers (and Rupert, no doubt!).

Yearning 4 Spring

A. Unlocking steps

Goals objective cherryblossom@2x
Required Steps for Blossoms in Bloom! Challenge

Step Challenge Reward

1: Unlock the Tea Plants

Collect 12 wood, 10 fur and 8 rock resources. 400Coins & 400XP

2: Unlock The Tea Garden

Build 2 rock formations. 

Build 3 Palm Trees

400Coins & 400XP

3: Unlock the Rest

Collect 18 wood, and 14 rock resources 400Coins & 400XP
 - - -  or - - -  - - -   - - - 

Unlock all items!

Build 1 Giant Tea Cup

Now costs 10 crystals!

Not recommended!

400Coins & 400XP

All done? Awesome! Now onto Beauty and Glory!


B. Blossoms in Bloom!

There are four additional steps for the main challenge. These appear slightly different than before. 

Step Challenge Reward


Build 2 Rock Shrubs

400Coins & 400XP


Build 2 Tea Plants

Build 1 Tea Garden

400Coins & 400XP


Build 2 Cherry Blossom Trees 3 Crystals & 400XP
 - - -  optional final step - - -  - - - 


Build 1 New Tea Shrine for 99 Crystals

45 Crystals & 400XP

Here are a few selected screenshots, showing the steps are now slightly different. 

Blossoms in Bloom Step1
Blossoms in Bloom Step2

Blossoms in Bloom Step3

If you already have the New Tea Shrine, the last step is an awesome bonus! Sadly, the Old Tea Shrine does not work. Here's a screenshot showing those 45 crystals to encourage you!

Bloosoms in Bloom Step4


Tea Shrine

Item Tea Shrine
Decoration teashrine@2x
Cost 99 Crystals
Size [4, 4]
Reward 500 Coins / 8 Hours
Build 8 Hours or 4 Crystals

Cherry Blossoms: In addition to the Tea Shrine, three more decorations offer a chance to decorate your village with beautiful Cherry Blossoms to celebrate the coming of Spring. 

Item Cherry Blossom Path Cherry Tree Tea Garden
Decoration cherryblossompath thumbnail@2x
Decoration cherrytree thumbnail@2x
Decoration teagarden thumbnail@2x
Cost 1 Crystal 2500 Coins 4000 Coins
Size [1, 1] [2, 2] [3, 3]
Reward - - -  65 Coins / 8 Hours 75 Coins / 8 Hours
Build  1 Second 4 Hours or 2 Crystals 8 Hours or 4 Crystals

Prehistoric Tea: Pick your own fresh tea leaves from these beautiful prehistoric Tea Plants then brew up some delicious and refreshing tea using this Giant Tea Cup! Perfect  for a beautiful day relaxing in the Tea Garden or while  mediating in the Tea Shrine.  

Item Tea Plants Giant Tea Cup
Decoration teaplants thumbnail@2x
Decoration giantteacup thumbnail@2x
Cost 500 Coins 10 Crystals
SIze [2, 2] [3, 3]
Reward 15 Coins / 10 Hours 70 Coins / 6 Hours
Build 30 Minutes or 1 Crystal 12 Hours or 6 Crystals

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