Introducing the beautiful Rainbow Dragon!

Found exclusively in the Ruby Pack from the new Chromatic Booster Packs!

Start Date End Date
Wednesday September 25th, 2013 Tuesday October 1st, 2013

Modals BoosterPack boosterPackChromatic@2x

HUD chromaticboosters icon@2x

To purchase, click on the in-app HUD shown above or select the Mallet and then under the Featured options select the Booster Pack with the colorful dino shown below. 



Featured items include two dinos- the Rainbow Dragon and the Corythosaurus, as well as three dino statues - the Ruby Raptor, the Emerald Bambiraptor and the Sapphire Protoceratops. In addition to these awesome offers, the booster packs include cool habitats like the fan-favorite Calming Cloud, Desert Dreamland, and the fiery Volcanic Vista.

Ruby Pack

Emerald Pack

Sapphire Pack

Rainbowshadowdragon baby@2x

Rainbow Dragon

Corythosaurus baby@2x


No DIno

but 1000 Coins instead. 


750 crystals 

220 crystals

75 crystals
Decoration rubyraptor thumbnail@2x

Ruby Raptor

Decoration emeraldbambiraptor@2x

Emerald Bambiraptor

Decoration sapphireprotoceratops@2x
Sapphire Protoceratops
Icons boosterpack calmingcloud@2x

Calming Cloud

Icons boosterpack emrerald desertDreamland@2x

Desert Dreamland

Icons boosterpack volcanicVista@2x

Volcanic Vista

Cost $34.99 $14.99 $6.99

It is likely that the Corythosaurus was retired earlier, to make it a more desirable booster pack item. Same for the Homalocephale. 


To sweeten the deal, each purchase is awarded additional bonus crystals that  depend on your level and purchase history. 

Goal Icon Chromatic Booster!
Goals specialGoal v8@2x

If you go for the first challenge, you will be presented with an even sweeter offer to encourage a second purchase. 

On my newer village, the first offer is buy a Silver Pack and get an additional 200 FREE Crystals!

Typo: Guess it means Emerald pack!

On my old village, the first offer is an extra 400 crystals for buying the Ruby pack. 

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