Introducing Colossal Bingo with awesome new prizes!

Modals colossalBingo@2x

Start Date: Tuesday August 13th 2013

End Date: Monday August 19th, 2013

Get ready for the newest bingo triple-header - Colossal Bingo

Free Play Time Windows

For the first time, there were no Free plays for either Super or Mystery Bingos. Regular Bingo did still offer one free play per day. 

Goals icon bingo@2x

To play, simply tap the following Colossal Bingo HUD shown on the right side of your screen: 

HUD colossalBingo@2x

or tap the mallet then select this icon under Features to play Colossal Bingo. 

Featured colossalbingo action@2x

This will lead you to three different Bingo boards. 

Play three different awesome Bingo Pattern Boards with exclusive new prizes and a price point for everyone!

Regular Bingo

25 Crystals per Play

Super Bingo

49 Crystals per Play

Mystery Bingo

59 Crystals per Play

Featured colossalbingo regular@2x
Featured colossalbingo super@2x
Featured colossalbingo mystery@2x
Hollowed Tree House Berry Forest Habitat Plump (or Fat) Dragon Pup
Houses hollowedtree@2x
Houses 4 villagers 

Footprint: [4,4]

Habitat premium berryforest@2x
Footprint: [7,7]
Fatdragon adult@2x
Forest: Tier 2?

Bingo Boards and PrizesEdit

Here are some sample Bingo Boards. The Super Bingo Boards and the Mystery Bingo Boards are the same for all players. 

Super Board Mystery Board
ColossalBingo SuperBoard
ColossalBingo MysteryBoard
Pattern: Five Blue Squares Pattern: Broken Horizontal Line

However, there are a near-infinite number of Regular Bingo Boards. Here are a few from my Gadget, generated by exploiting AP mode at startup. If you have more, please add them. The required pattern for the Regular board consists of the nine blue squares shown below. 

Regular Board 1 Regular Board 2 Regular Board 3
ColossalBingo RegularBoard1
Regular Board 4 Regular Board 5
ColossalBingo RegularBoard5

Despite this infinite diversity for the Regular board, the pattern, free spaces and location of the mystery prize are the same for each. However there are several possible Mystery prizes! On the first regular board shown above, the mystery square is an awesome Incisivosaurus egg! Wow!

Incisivosaurus RegularMysteryPrize

On my other game, the mystery square was just a Safari Mammoth statue.

Also notice on bingo board 3 that there are two Pterodactyls shown. These are valuable tier 1 dinos, instead of the more usual tier 0 dinos that regularly appear on these boards. 

Bingo Challenge:

Once again there is an associated three step challenge with this bingo that follows the same pattern as recent bingos.

Step 1: 18 Crystals - Play Super Bingo 3 Times.

Step 2: 18 Crystals - Play Super Bingo 2 More Times.

Step 3: 24 Crystals - Play Mystery Bingo 3 2 Times.

Bingo Challenge Oddities:

- The first two steps of the August Bingo Challenge actually make reference to the July Bingo Challenge where the Lava Fountain Habitat was the Super Bingo prize. 

Bingo errorAugust Bingo Error2

August Bingo Error3

Notice here as well that the message states that 20 Crystals have been awarded,when in reality only 18 Crystals are awarded.

- The initial goal display for Step 3, which is the correct one for August Bingo, incorrectly states Mystery Bingo needs to be played 3 times to complete the final step. It has been confirmed that only two plays, as displayed later, is the correct number of plays needed to complete the challenge.

August Bingo Step 3