This page will keep track of the Cover Photos as they change on the Tiny Village Facebook page. 

Often these photos can give a heads up about new themes and occasionally, new dinos are seen in the artwork. 

Current Cover PhotoEdit

Space Theme: March 7th 2014

Rupert takes a trip to the moon on a ROCKet and brings back a ton of Moon Cheese!


Previous Cover PhotosEdit

Snowball Fight! December 9th 2013

Just who is Rupert planning to fling that icy ball of snow at?

Features adult versions of Rupert and Regina, while Betsy, Theodore and Izzy appear as kids. 

The tusks of this mammoth are strung with holiday lights while the brontosaurus sports a wreath with red bow about its neck. Oh oh! Looks like Regina has wrapped up a rock as a gift? Now who could that be for?

SnowballFight CoverPhoto

  Thanksgiving Feast! November 14th, 2013

ThanksgivingFeast CoverPhoto

Spooky Halloween! October 10th, 2013

Halloween CoverPhoto

> > More soon. 

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