New Crystal Producer

Introducing a spectacular new crystal producer - the Crystal Cornucopia.

This is a tiny producer, with a delictae [2,2] footprint. 

Celebrate with this "Thankful Crystals" offer and collect crystals right through the holidays!

Start Date End Date
TuesdayNovember 5th, 2013 Tuesday November 12, 2013 (6PM PDT)
Modals crystalCornucopia@2x

To purchase, click the challenge icon - or click the Mallet, then Featured and finally the Crystal Cornucopia  featured graphic shown below. 

Featured crystalCornucopia@2x

Or, press this handsome HUD displayed on the right of your screen. 

HUD crystalCornucopia icon@2x

Crystal Producer Details

Item  Crystal Cornucopia
Decoration crystalcornucopia thumbnail@2x
Size Footprint is [2,2] 
Cost 239 Crystals

3 Crystals / 7 Hours

for 58 days

Build Time

8 Hours or

Hurry for 10 Crystals

Max 3


There are two steps to this challenge. 

Goals specialGoal crystalCornucopia@2x
The Spirit of Giving!
1.  Build one Crystal Cornucopia and earn 23 crystals and 400XP. 

Build 1 more Crystal Cornucopia and earn 30 more crystals and 400XP. 

You can earn a total of 53 reward crystals. 

Design ElementsEdit

Base: The Crystal Cornucopia rests on a golden plinth similar (but not identical) to the popular Crystal Lion. Two golden stone slabs, separated by 4 dino bones, rest above and below a sapphire crystal-blue layer in the middle. The Cornucopia base is missing the green sprigs of grass and the sapphire inlays, but does feature an interesting alternating design similar to: |@|@|@|@|@|, except the swirl is less than suggested by the symbol @. Note the top Cornucopia stone slab is slightly smaller than the bottom slab, creating a tapering appearance. 

Scuplture: The design of the Cornucopia sculpture is, of course, based on the Giant Conrnucopia decoration from the Harvest Week theme. 

Base similar to that of Crystal Lion Crystal Cornucopia Giant Cornucopia
Decoration lioncrystal thumbnail@2x
Decoration crystalcornucopia thumbnail@2x
Decoration cornucopia thumbnail@2x

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