Appearance for September 2014Edit

Corrected Modal

Modals CrystalFatherTime0905 v2@2x

Original Modal

Modals CrystalFatherTime0905@2x
Start Date End Date
Friday September 5th, 20214 Tuesday September 9th, 2014

Note: Wow - Great fix for Father Time on Monday September 8th, 2014. Now lasts 3 months instead of 2, and spits our 4 crystals per pop instead of 3. A definite buy with these new production specs. 

Old Note - Now Outdated - There is a discrepancy where the modal says 200 crystals but the actual cost is 299 crystals. At the absolute limit of 6 crystals per day, each producer can only yield 360 crystals in two months. Not a good deal at the current price of 299 crystals. No doubt, the price was supposed to be 200 crystals, but even that will not even double your investment. The simplest fix, is to extend the yield so it lasts four months, since many have already bought the producer at the incorrect price. 

Previous AppearancesEdit

Introducing a spectacular new crystal producer - the Crystal Father Timekeeper. Released to herald in the New Year 2014. 

Start Date End Date Production End
Tuesday December 31, 2013 Wednesday January 8, 2014 ???
Modals CrystalFatherTime@2x

To purchase, click the challenge icon - or click the Mallet, then Featured and finally the Father Timekeeper icon shown below. 

Featured CrystalFatherTime@2x

Or, press this handsome HUD displayed on the right of your screen. 

HUD CrystalFatherTime icon@2x

Item  Crystal Father Timekeeper
Decoration crystaltimekeeper thumbnail@2x
Size [3,3] 
Cost 299 Crystals for 7 Months
Production 2 Crystals / 12 Hours
Build Time

7 Hours or

Hurry for 10 Crystals

Max 4


There are two steps to this challenge. 

Goal icon CrystalFatherTime@2x
Crystals as Old as Time!
1.  Build a Crystal Father Time Statue and earn 23 crystals and 400XP. 
2.  Build 1 more Crystal Father Time Statue and earn 30 crystals and 400XP. 

You can earn a total of 23+30 = 53 reward crystals.

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