Guardian of Crystals

Introducing a spectacular new crystal producer - the Crystal Gargoyle.

This is a small producer, with a [3, 3] footprint - but the design is really only [2,2], so it will look smaller than many [3, 3] decos. Also note it only lasts for 33 days, perhaps the shortest crystal production ever. The design is animated and features ascending sparkles. 

Second AppearanceEdit

Return of the Crystal Gargoyle at 9PM EST on Tuesday July 8th, 2014. 

Unfortunately, it does NOT produce crystals as advertised. DO NOT BUY!

Start Date End Date Production End
Tuesday July 8th, 2014 Tuesday July 15th, 2014 ?
Modals crystalGargoyle0708@2x

First AppearanceEdit

Start Date End Date Production End
Tuesday October 1, 2013 Monday October 7, 2013 Tuesday November 5, 2013
Modals crystalGargoyle@2x

To purchase, click the challenge icon - or click the Mallet, then Featured and finally the Crystal Gargoyle icon shown below. 


Or, press this handsome HUD displayed on the right of your screen. 

HUD crystalgargoyle icon@2x

Item  Crystal Gargoyle
Decoration crystalgargoyleproducer thumbnail@2x
Size Footprint is [3,3] but design is only [2,2]. 
Cost 189 Crystals for 33 Days
Production 4 Crystals / 8 Hours
Build Time

8 Hours or

Hurry for 10 Crystals

Max 3


There are two steps to this challenge. 

Goal icon crystalGargoyle@2x
Crystal Gargoyle Challenges
1. A Spooky Guardian! Build one gargoyle and earn 23 crystals and 400XP. 
2. The Spooky Guardians!

Build 1 more gargoyle and earn 30 crystals and 400XP. 

You can earn a total of 53 reward crystals. 

Design ElementsEdit

We can see the Crystal Gargoyle rests on the same golden plinth as the Crystal Lion. Its head and wings seem based on the Shadow Dragon, although with a Hominid body. After all, it is a gargoyle - not a dragon!

Same base as Crystal Lion Head & Wings similar to Shadow Dragon
Decoration lioncrystal thumbnail@2x

To purchase your Crystal Gargoyle, simply select the HUD below while it is active on your screen.

> > Add when ready

Or, click the Mallet, select Featured and then choose this Crystal Producer graphic. 

> > Add when ready

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