Update: August 2014 AppearanceEdit

Note: Some good news to report! One day after a terrible roll out with a truly pitifull crystal return, a better offer has appeared in which the crystal output was more than tripled. We now recommend you buy the limit of three Crystal Lions. Both the improved and the stinky offers are shown below. 

Modals crystalLion0806 v6@2x
Modals crystalLion0806 v5@2x
Start Date End Date

Wednesday August 14th, 2014

Though the offer on the first day was truly pitiful. New and improved offer made om Thursday. 

Thursday August 15th, 2014

Previous Appearances of the Crystal LionEdit

These awesome Crystal Lion statues are not only eye-popping eye-candy for your village, they are diligent crystal producers easily doubling your initial investment and offering the fastest return ever!

Introductory Modal: Hear that proud roar of Crystals!

Modals crystalLion@2x
Crystal Production Expiration
Crystal production was stopped on Monday October 28th, 2013

Only the blue Crystal Lion is available as part of this offer. 

The golden Crystal Leo became available a few weeks later as a prize in Proud Mini-Treasures.

Start: Thursday, August 29 2013

Activated at 7PM EST

End: Tues, September 3rd 2013
Cost: x Crystals Cost: 199 Crystals
Lion: Not available! Crystal Lion
Decoration lion thumbnail@2x
Decoration lioncrystal thumbnail@2x

Footprint: [3,3]

Footprint: [3,3]
Limit: 0, Not Available

Limit:  3

Build: 8 Hours, Hurry for 10 Xstals. 

Tax:  ?

Tax: 2 Crystals / 7 Hours

Prodouces for 58 days. 

Appearance: Awesome lion statue carved with stone body and gold mane and tail tip. Eyes and nose composed of polished ruby crystals. 

Base: Square stone top above similar stone bottom and supported by dinosaur bones.  Middle gold square decorated with row of rubies. 

Appearance: Awesome lion statue carved from crystal. Eyes and nose composed of polished sapphire blue crystals.

Base: Square gold top above similar gold bottom and supported by dinosaur bones.  Middle square decorated with row of sapphires.

To purchase your Crystal Lions, simply select the HUD below while it is active on your screen.

HUD crystallion icon@2x

Or, click the Mallet, select Featured and then choose this Crystal Producer graphic. 

Featured crystallion@2x



Goal Icon A Proud Roar! - Steps (1 & 2)
Goal icon crystallion2@2x

1. A Proud Roar!

Build 1 Crystal Lion and receive 23 crystals +400 XP. 

2. An Even Prouder Roar!

Build 1 more Crystal Lion and receive 30 crystals +400 XP. 

Total crystal reward is 53 crystals.

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