The "April Crystal Showers!" event heralded the return of the first eternal crystal producer in a very long time! Now's you chance to grab four of these exquisite decorations and collect crystals forever! Introductory Modal

Modals CrystalTreeRS@2x
Start Date End Date
Wednesday April 2nd, 2014 April 8th, 2014

To purchase your Crystal Trees, select the Mallet, then Featured and finally press this graphic featuring the eternally-producing Crystal Tree. 

Featured crystalTreeRS@2x

Alternatively, choose this HUD grapic on the right side of your screen. 

HUD crystalTreeRS icon@2x


Goal icon CrystalTreeRS@2x
Challenge Name: Crystal Showers!
Step Task Reward
1 Build 1 Crystal Tree 23 Crystals & 400XP
2 Build 1 More Crystal Tree 30 Crystals & 400XP
Total - - -  53 Crystals

InfoBox for Crystal Tree

Item Crystal Tree - Eternal Crystal Producer
Decorations crystaltree@2x
Cost 249 Crystals
Limit 4
Reward 1 Crystal / 14 Hours - Forever!
Footprint [4, 4]
Build 24 Hours or 15 Crystals

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