Crystal Volcano

Third appearance of the spectacular crystal producer - the Crystal Volcano.

This is a large producer, with a massive [5,5] footprint. 

Celebrate with this "Magestic Crystal Volcano!" offer and collect crystals for four months!

Start Date End Date
 Saturday November 23rd, 2013 Tuesday November 26th, 2013
Modals crystalVolcano@2x

Double your Money!

To purchase, click the Mallet, then Featured and finally the Crystal Volcano  featured graphic shown below. 

Featured crystalVolcano@2x

Or, press this handsome HUD displayed on the right of your screen. 

HUD crystalVolcano@2x

Crystal Producer Details

Item  Crystal Volcano
Decoration crystalvolcano@2x
Size Footprint is [5,5] 
Cost 199 Crystals

1 Crystal / 7 Hours for 120 days

Build Time

10 Hours or Hurry for 12 Crystals

Max 3


None on this third round. 

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