Due to a recent server issue, TinyCo is offering 5 free crystals simply for starting up your game. 

Here is the Facebook/TinyVillage announcement. 

You must log in between Tuesday July 30th and Thursday August 1st, 2013. 

Customer Appreciation Notice
Greetings, Villagers! We're giving away 5 free crystals to all players who log in between now and Thursday as a thank you to everyone who reported last night's downtime. All you need to do is log in and collect a single resource. Sorry for the inconvenience, and happy Tuesday!

When you first start your game during this offer, you will see this Thank You icon on the left. 

Goal icon thankYou@2x

It is actually a challenge icon. Click the Thank You icon to see the following customer appreciation message and get access to the bonus crystals. 

We're Sorry for the Outage!


Challenge: Just collect any resource!

Press OK, and you will see this challenge. If you have any haulers employed, this will happen automatically the first time a hauler brings back any resource to a warehouse. 


And here are your Five Free Crystals!