Get ready for some awesome holiday gifts! A surprise gift everyday!

Modals villageHolidayGifts@2x

List of the Holiday Gifts

All of your holiday gifts will magically unwrap on Christmas morning. 

Holiday Gifts Wrapped Unwrapped Details
Gift #1 - Friday

Gold Meteor 

[2, 2]

Gift #2 - Saturday

Winter Garden

[5, 5]

Gift #3 - Sunday

Mammoth Scuplture

[3, 3]

Gift #4 - Monday

Bonsai Tree

[4, 4]

Gift #5 - Tuesday

Football Store

[4, 4]

? ?

Gifts Under The TreeEdit

Once you collect all your gifts, there is nothing else to do but place them under the Christmas Tree and wait for them to magically unwrap Christmas morning!


Time to Unwrap your GiftsEdit

Don't read any further unless it is now Christmas morning! 

Modals villageHolidayGifts lastDay@2x

Here are my gifts, magically unwrapped!


What's Under The Tree!?

Originally, the Football Gift Store was inactive. After a repair on January 8th to the Recipes file, the new Football Store is working like a charm. Awesome!

FootballStorGift NowWorks

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