Fourth Appearance in June 2014Edit

The awesome Dino Week theme returns in June 2014 for its fourth appearance. 

Start Date End Date
Thursday June 26th, 2014 Tuesday July 1st, 2014
Modals introducingOzzie 204@2x

In June 2014, the challenge steps are the same as they were way back in 2012.

Dino Week


Required Task


1 Build 2 Dino Flags  400XP & 400Coins
2 Build 1 Giant Bone and a Giant Fern 400XP & 400Coins
3 Build a Tiny Trainer store. 

400XP & 400 Coins

4 Complete one of each recipe.

> 1 egg cradle recipe

> 1 gloves recipe

> 1 dino perch recipe. 

400XP & 400 Coins

5 Build a Dino Totem 400XP & 5 Crystals

Third Appearance in August 2013Edit

Always a fan favorite - the awesome Dino Week theme returns for its third appearance. 

Start Date End Date
Thursday August 15th, 2013 Tuesday August 20th, 2013
Modals introducingOzzie 204@2x

The modal features a statue of the lovable Ozzie character. This avid dinosaur enthusiast was introduced at the very first Dino Week, and since then has been responsible for the discovery of many new dinosaur species. 

Decoration ozziestatue@2x

Ozzie Statue: Footprint [3,3]

Dino Flags: Fly a dino flag to  celebrate a new baby dino in your village!

It would be nice if they offered a flag for all of the Dino Species. But so far, there are just these four. 

Strangely, there is no dino for the Tundra biome, but two for the Desert biome. At least, we do have one dino flag for each tier. 

Dino Flag 1 Dino Flag 2 Dino Flag 3 Dino Flag 4
Decoration dinoflag1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration dinoflag2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration dinoflag3 thumbnail@2x
Decoration dinoflag4 thumbnail@2x
Dimetrodon Pachycephalosaurus Ankylosaurus Archaeopteryx
Tier 1: Desert Tier 3: Forest Tier 0: Desert Tier 2: Air

Limited Edition StoreEdit

During this event, you will have the opportunity (after a few days) to get one of these incredible Dino Treat Stores

Be aware the price has increased 20 crystals since their last appearance. 

Modals dinoChow 0815@2x

Signature DecorationEdit

This is the chance to spruce up your village with this awesome limited time T-Rex Statue. Consider getting more than one - they look really cool in groups. 

Modals dinoKing 0815@2x


Here are the high-level challenges for this third appearance of Dino Week. Note eight recipes in total are required. 

Alert: The Giant Bones needed for step 2 were missing from the shop at the beginning of this theme. New villagers will have to  wait until this is fixed. There are many posts about this on FB, inccluding from yours truly, so we do expect a fix quite shortly. 
Decoration giantbone thumbnail@2x

Dino Week


Required Task Reward
1 Build 3 Dino Flags and 2 Dino Totems  400XP & 400Coins
2 Build 2 Giant Bones (missing) and 3 Giant Ferns 400XP & 400Coins
3 Build 2 Tiny Trainer stores. 

400XP &

3 Crystals

4 Complete 3 egg cradle recipes, 3 gloves recipes and 2 dino perch recips. 

400XP &

3 Crystals

- -  Time Limit for last step of 18 hours!

Unlocking Challenges

Dino Week Required Task Reward
1. Unlock the Dino Totem Collect 10 rocks, 20 wood and 25 fur.   400XP & 400Coins
2. Unlock the Tiny Trainer Collect 10 rocks, 15 wood 400XP & 400Coins
3. Unlock the Rest Collect 15 rocks, 20 wood & 10 fur.   400XP & 400Coins
-- OR --
Unlock all items! Build one Dino Flag #1 Which costs 4 crystals and still takes some time to build. 

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