Play the new Easter Bingo for April 2014, featuring an exclusive Vegetable Patch Habitat, Carrot House and an awesome new Dino! Hint: Think about a giant prehistoric Easter bunny. 

Introductory Modal

Modals easterBingo415@2x
Start Date End Date
Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 Tuesday, April 22th, 2014

To play this Bingo, click on the Mallet, then Featured and select this Featured Graphic. 

Featured easterBingo@2x

or click on one of these handome HUDs appearing on the right of your screen while visible.  
Features a brand new dino!

Egg HUD Dino HUD
HUD easter415bingo icon hidden@2x
HUD easter415bingo icon@2x

You may also jump directly into the challenges by clicking on the appropriate Challenge Icon. 

Egg HUD Dino HUD
Goal icon easter415bingo@2x
Goal icon nuralagus@2x

This will lead you to three different Bingo boards. Play three different awesome Bingo Pattern Boards with exclusive new prizes and a price point for everyone!

Bingo Prize Table Edit

Regular Bingo Super Bingo Mystery Bingo

Featured easterBingo bingo@2x

25 Crystals per Play

Featured easterBingo super@2x

49 Crystals per Play

Featured easterBingo mystery@2x

59 Crystals per Play


Carrot House

Vegetable Patch Habitat


Houses eastercarrot@2x
Habitat bingo carrotgarden@2x
Nuralagus baby@2x

Houses 4 villagers 

Footprint: [?, ?]

Room for 4 Dinos

Footprint: [x, x]

Biome: Primordia

Forest Tier 3

Tax: x Coins / y Hours

Capacity: y


Earn back up to 60 crystals!  Let's get started!

Step Task Reward
1 Play Super Bingo 3 Times


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes
2 Play Super Bingo 2 More Times


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes
3 Says Play Mystery Bingo 3 Times, but only twice is required


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes
- - - Total - - - 


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes

Reward Snapshots

Step 1
EasterBingo Step1 Reward
Step 2
EasterBingo Step2 Reward
Step 3
EasterBingo Step3Rewards


If you are lucky, and industrious, you will have a chance to win a second Nuralagus

Modals nuralagusgoal@2x

Once you win, hatch and place your new baby Nuralagus in a habitat, you will after restarting the game, see a new challenge icon so that you can win a second baby Nuralagus!!

Let's get started!

Goal icon nuralagus@2x

All The Pretty Flowers!

(6 Steps)

Step Task Reward

Finish Feeding the Nuralagus 4 Times

Tip: You can feed any four dinos. 

500 Coins & 500XP


Collect 25 Fur resources 

Collect 50 Food resources

500 Coins & 500XP


Finish Feeding the Nuralagus 10 Times

Tip: You can feed any dinos for credit. 

500 Coins & 500XP

4 Have 10 Flowers in Your VIllage

500 Coins & 500XP

5 Build a Garden for the Nuralagus

500 Coins & 500XP

6 Have 50 Flowers in your Village. You will need to have all 50 on the board at the same time. 

Nuralagus baby@2x

& 5000XP

Good luck!

Awesome! Here's a friend for your prehistoric bunny! 


Be sure to check your Dino Den to find a second Nuralagus egg!

Let's start hatching it so your prehistoric bunny has a friend. 

NuralagusEgg In Inventory


Carrot House

Item Carrot House
Houses eastercarrot@2x
Capacity Room for 4 Villagers

Vegetable Patch Habitat

Item Vegetable Patch Habitat
Habitat bingo carrotgarden@2x
Dino Capacity Room for 4 Dinos
Coin Capacity

Prize Notification Snapshots

Carrot House Vegetable Patch Habitat Nuralagus Egg
EasterBingo PrizeNotification CarrotHouse
EasterBingo PrizeNotification VeggiePatch
EasterBingo PrizeNotification Nuralagus

Bingo BoardsEdit

Here are some sample Bingo Boards. The design of the Super Bingo Boards and the Mystery Bingo Boards are the same for all players, but some of the prizes are still determined randomly for each board. 

Super Board Mystery Board

EasterBingo SuperBoard

EasterBingo MysteryBoard

Pattern: 5 Blue Squares Pattern: 4 Blue Squares

However, there are a near-infinite number of Regular Bingo Boards. Here are a few from various players. 

The pattern resembles a trident shape requiring 9 tiles. 

Regular Board 1 Regular Board 2
EasterBingo RegularBoard1

EasterBingo RegularBoard2

Regular Board 3 Regular Board 4
EasterBingo RegularBoard3

EasterBingo RegularBoard4

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