Easter Theme 2014

Introductory Modal

Start Date End Date
Wednesday April 16th, 2014 Tuesday April 29th, 2014
Modals easter v2@2x

Note: The Easter event lasted almost two weeks, but none of the specialty stores like the JellyBean were released this time. 

To purchase any of the items featured from the Easter Theme,  select the Mallet, then Featured and choose this graphic featuring Regina in a whimsical pink rabbit costume.


Or, click the Challenge Icon featuring a prehistoric bunny, to go directly to the challenges. 

Goals objective easterbunny@2x


A. Resource Collection and Unlocking Steps

Easter StartResourceCollection
Steps Task Reward
Goals objective easterbunny@2x
1. Unlock the Daffodils Collect 20 Wood, 25 Fur and 10 Rock Resources 400 Coins & 400XP
2. Unlock the Easter Eggs

Build 3 Rock Formations

Build 3 Palm Trees

400 Coins & 400XP
3. Unlock the Rest

Complete 2 Rock Candy Recipes and 1 Ring Pop Recipe

  • Requires Rock Candy Store or Premium Candy Store
400 Coins & 400XP
Unlock all Items

Build 1 Multi Easter Egg

for 3 Crystals.

400 Coins & 400XP

Great! Once all the resources are collected, we can move on to the main challenge. 

ResourcesAllCollected EasterTheme

Note: We are not sure if anyone actually saw the "Unlock all Items" this time around. 

B. Main Challenge

Let's get started!

StartEasterTheme PlantDaffodils
Goals objective easterbunny@2x

The Great Easter Egg Hunt!

Five Steps

Steps Main Challenge Reward

Build 3 Big Daffodils

Build 3 Daffodil Patches

400 Coins & 400XP

Build 5 Easter Eggs

400 Coins & 400XP

Build 3 Dinomellos

Build 2 Chocolate Bunnies

400 Coins & 400XP
4 Build 3 Prehistoric Bunnies 2 Crystals & 400XP
5 Build 2 Chocolate Reginas 3 Crystals

& 400XP

- - Total Crystal Reward - -  5 Crystals

Awesome! That's a total of five crystals!

2-Crystal Reward 3-Crystal Reward
EasterEggHunt 2Crystals
EasterEggHunter 3Crystals


Six Easter Eggs

What's Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt? Collect all six! All eggs have a small delicate [1, 1] footprint. Each egg builds in just 5 seconds. 

Coin Easter Eggs: Each of these three exquisite eggs can be purchased for just 200 coins

Easter Egg Color Blue Pink Yellow
Decoration easteregg blue thumbnail@2x
Decoration easteregg pink thumbnail@2x
Decoration easteregg yellow thumbnail@2x
Pattern Stars Hearts Hexagons
Reward 15 Coins / 4 Hours 15 Coins / 4 Hours 15 Coins / 4 Hours

Crystal Easter Eggs: Each of these three exquisite eggs can be purchased for just 29 Crystals

Easter Egg Color Multi Green Violet
Decoration easteregg multi thumbnail@2x
Decoration easteregg green thumbnail@2x
Decoration easteregg violet thumbnail@2x
Pattern Tricolor with curvy lines Spirals Ziz-zags and Swirls
Reward 15 Coins / 4 Hours 15 Coins / 4 Hours 15 Coins / 4 Hours

Note: In some villages, the Multi Easter Egg may be found for just 3 Crystals

DinoMellos: Dino-shaped Easter Candy!

Item Blue DinoMello Pink DinoMello Yellow DinoMello
Decoration peeps blue thumbnail@2x
Decoration peeps pink thumbnail@2x
Decoration peeps yellow thumbnail@2x
Cost 600 Coins 600 Coins 600 Coins
Reward 60 Coins / 6 Hours 60 Coins / 6 Hours 60 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [1, 1] [1, 1] [1, 1]
Build 30 min. or 1 Crystal 30 min. or 1 Crystal 30 min. or 1 Crystal

Daffodils: Choose large single-stem flowers or an entire daffodil patch!

Item Big Daffodil Daffodil Patch
Decoration bigdaffodil thumbnail@2x
Decoration daffodilpatch thumbnail@2x
Cost 500 Coins 2000 Coins
Reward 15 Coins / 10 Hours 30 Coins / 4 Hours
Footprint [1, 1] [2, 2]
Build 30 Min. or 1 Crystal 1 Hour or 1 Crystal

Molded Chocolate Decorations

Item Chocolate Bunny Chocolate Regina
Decoration chocolatebunny thumbnail@2x
Decoration chocolate regina thumbnail@2x
Cost 4000 Coins 19,999 Coins
Reward 75 Coins / 8 Hours 360 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [2, 2] [2, 2]
Build 6 Hours or 1 Crystal 6 Hours or 3 Crystals

Prehistoric Bunnies: Given the size of those fangs, these bunnies may not have been exclusively vegetarian.

Item Prehistoric Bunny Easter Basket
Decoration prehistoriceasterbunny thumbnail@2x
Decoration easterbasket thumbnail@2x
Cost 6500 Coins 59 Crystals
Reward 275 Coins / 5 Hours 400 Coins / 8 Hours
Footprint [2, 2] [3, 3]
Build 6 Hours or 4 Crystals 8 Hours or 4 Crystals

> > More soon

Premium Time-Released ItemsEdit

Easter Bunny Regina

Modals easterbunnyregina 327 v2@2x
Item Easter Bunny Regina
Decoration easterbunnyregina@2x
Cost 150 C​rystals
Reward 400 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [3, 3]
Build 12 Hours or Hurry for 6 Crystals

Jelly Bean Store

Each Jelly Bean Store costs 129 crystals and has a standard [4, 4] footprint.

Build time is 8 hours or hurry finish for 6 crystals. 

Item <--- Jelly Bean Stores --->
Shops jellybeans thumbnail@2x
Shops jellybeans 2 thumbnail@2x
Shops jellybeans 3 thumbnail@2x
Level Required 5 12 20
Design Elements Oak Barrel

Wooden Barrel


Mahogany Barrel

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