Food Week Theme: Fourth AppearanceEdit

Start Date End Date
Thursday September 4th, 2014 ?

Theme Transitions

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Back to School Theme ?

Previous AppearancesEdit

Research: Before the new theme was started,  a clue was given in this modal for Theodore's Treasures. 

Modals theodoresTreasures 0905@2x

Food Week Theme: Third Appearance

Start Date End Date
Thursday September 5, 2013 Tuesday September 10, 2013

Introductory Modal

Modals foodWeek v2@2x

Newly Created Modal for September 2013 Appearance of Food Week

To purchase any of the items featured in the Food Week theme,  select the Mallet, then Featured and select this Featured graphic:

Featured foodWeek@2x


Challenges are exactly the same as during the last appearance of Food Week. 

Unlocking Steps: None

There are no unlocking steps - just as in the last apearance of the theme. 

Goals Objective Image Challenge Name Goals Completion Image
Goal objective chefrupert@2x

Food Festival

Steps shown for higher-level villages only. 

Lower-level villages may need to make 1 or 2 less items for some of the challenges. 

Goal complete chefrupert@2x

Goals icon foodWeek@2x
Required Steps for the Food Festival Challenge

Let's get started!!

FoodWeek LetsGetStarted

Food Festival

Required Task


1 Build 2 Skewers 400XP & 400Coins
2 Build 1 Stone Oven & 1 Cooking Counter 400XP & 400Coins
3 Build 1 Produce Stand & 1 Kitchenware Store

400XP & 400Coins

4 Complete 2 Spiced Recipes, 2 Cutlery Recipes & 1 Pots and Pans Recipe  

400XP &

5 Crystals

- - 

There is a 40 hour time limit!

Suggest you build  2 or more stores. 

Here's a snapshot of that awesome 5-crystal reward when your finish all the steps in this challenge. 

FoodWeek 5CrystalReward


To complete the Food Week challenge, you will first need to build two of these Skewers. Mmmm, delicious!

But I sure hope those big cubes are not Dino meat! Acckk!

Each skewer is a small [1,1] deco.

Item Skewer
Decoration skewer thumbnail@2x
Cost 900 Coins
Build Time 2 Hours
Tax 8 Coins / 6 Hours

You will also need to build one of these three Prehistoric Stone Ovens in the next step. 

Each oven has a [3,3] footprint. 

Item Red Stone Oven Yellow Stone Oven Blue Stone Oven
Decoration prehistoricstoneoven red1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration prehistoricstoneoven yellow2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration prehistoricstoneoven blue3 thumbnail@2x
Cost 3750 Coins 5300 Coins 49 Crystals
Build Time 10 Hours 12 Hours 14 Hours
Tax 32 Coins / 6 Hours 60 Coins / 8 Hours 150 Coins / 6 Hours

Tip: You may already have the Blue Stone Oven from Bingo. 

You will also need to build one of these three possible Cooking Counters

Each Counter has a [3,3] footprint. 

Item Black Cooking Counter Blue Cooking Counter Red Cooking Counter
Decoration cookingcounter black1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration cookingcounter blue2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration cookingcounter red3 thumbnail@2x
Cost 2250 Coins 4375 Coins 29 Crystals
Build Time 6 Hours 8 Hours 10 Hours
Tax 20 Coins / 5 Hours 58 Coins / 8 Hours 87 Coins /  7 Hours

In step three of the challenge you will need one of these [4,4] Produce Stands and the [4,4] Kitchenware Store

There is only the single Blue Produce Stand to select from. The Produce Stand is vegan and only offers fruits and vegatables. Absolutely no dino meat is on sale! So relax! Your dinos are safe. 

Item Produce Stand (Blue only)
Decoration fruitandvegetablestand@2x
Cost 10150 Coins
Build Time 15 Hours
Tax 100 Coins / 6 Hours

Featured StoreEdit

This theme introduces the limited [4,4] Kitchenware Store, which you will need to complete the challenge.  

It is suggested you build two or even three since this challenge has a rather tight time limit. 

Item Kitchenware Store
Shop kitchenwarestore@2x
Cost 6150 Coins
Recipe Menu
RecipeMenu KitchenwareStore
Footprint [4, 4]
Build Time

12 Hours

Premium Time-Released ItemsEdit

Not all decorations or items are typically available on the first day of a new theme. Typically several items will be time-released over the weekend and usually are only available for purchase using crystals. These items will be referred to as premium time-released items

1. Pizza Store: On Saturday, the Pizza Store was brought back for a limited time. Oddly, even though the regular modals are available, the last day modals are active. There are three different Pizza Stores, only one of which is available to a player depending on their current level. The level intervals for the store are level 5, 20, and 40 with crystal costs of 89, 129, and 149 respectively.

Modals PizzaParty lvl40 lastDay@2x

Pizza Shop

Item Pizza Shop - Level 40+
Shop pizzashop3@2x
Cost 149 Crystals
Recipe Menu
RecipeMenu PizzaShop
Footprint [4, 4]
Build Time

16 Hours

Lower-level villages can choose one of these two alternate vesions at a significant cost savings. 

Level 5+ Level 20+
Shop pizzashop1@2x
Shop pizzashop2@2x
Cost: 89 Crystals Cost: 129 Crystals

2. Chef Rupert: On Sunday, shortly after noon EST, the whimsical Chef Rupert decoration became available. 

Modals chefRupert v2@2x

Chef Rupert works his culinary magic atop a [3,3] stone plinth. 

Item Chef Rupert Decoration
Decoration chefrupert@2x
Cost 119 Crystals
Build Time 12 Hours
Tax 75 Coins / 5 Hours


- Although a new modal (Version 2) was created on September 5th for this appearance of Food Week, it initially showed up using the old Modal. 

- Even though Rupert clearly states that the banquet will start in 32 hours, in reality it will start in 40 hours. He must have forgotten how much he fed everyone in previous food weeks which has made the guests sluggish!

IMG 1250
IMG 1251

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