Honesty PolicyEdit

Our starting point on this blog, is always to give you the simple and complete honest truth and the best advice we can, subject only to those restraints that our team of legal minds insists on. That mostly means no code dumps and no postings of code hacks. Code hacks are strictly defined here as altering and distributing someone else's code, thereby causing them demonstrable damage. You may of course discuss such topics and techniques in a general way. We really love and encourage any insights into the game that can be gleaned from such techniques as decompilation and accessing native code libraries. Just remember, no code dumps please. Programmers who are so inclined are encouraged to share legally problematic insights through use of the site's email feature. 

Unclassified SecretsEdit

Secrets in general are insidious constructs, and are the root of such evils as distrust, suspicion, and inequality. This Digital Age cries out its most urgent SOS message . . . Stamp-Out-Secrets

The following secrets will be unclassified shortly.  Previous attempts to have honest discussions on these topics has met with swift deletion by that most oppressive and pernicious Digital Ogre - the self-appointed censor. We have created this page mostly to help you have fun, but also to disempower a few small-minded Digital Ogres. 

Status: Ready Now: How to Fuse any Dinosaur

Status: Coming Soon: How to Succeed at Games of Chance like Bingo

Status: Coming Soon: How to Succeed at Games of Chance like Crates

Secret Elucidation and Illumination RequestsEdit

Are there any secrets or mysteries that you think need to be unclassified? Suggest a secret and our small horde of Digital Illuminati will work tirelessly to help find the answer. We just love to yank secrets out from under dark rocks and expose them to the light of day. 

Post a request to have any secret elucidated below. We love challenges!

Or perhaps you have done all the work and just want to share your excellent tip. 

Earn Digital Badges!Edit

Share three tips and earn a Digital Apprentice badge. 

Share five tips and earn a Digital Sorcerer badge. 

Share 10 tips and earn a Digital Illuminati badge. 

Tips (like patents) need to meet the criteria of being novel and unobvious.