Second AppearanceEdit

Wow! The awesome Futuristic Crates are back from the future! Limited time!

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Start Date: Second Appearance End Date
Thursday May 8th, 2014

Tuesday June 3, 2014, 2014

First AppearanceEdit

Crates from the Future! Win awesome and exclusive prizes. Each play costs 39 crystals.

Modals futureCrates@2x
Start Date: First Appearance End Date

July 23rd, 2013

Tuesday Evening around 8:30PM EST 

August 12th, 2013

Ended late evening 

To play Futuristic Crates, just click on this handsome HUD or click on the mallet and then the Featured choice.

HUD futurecrates icon v2
Amazing Inventions: Holograms & Teleporters & More

Professor Onestone

Thanks to the work of the amazing Professor OneStone, you will soon be able to bring such awesome inventions as Holograms and Teleporters to your prehistoric village. 

These inventions were critical factors in rescuing baby dinosaurs before the Massive Meteor Strike so that they could live and play in your prehistoric village. 

Prehistoric genius, dinofusion expert and celebrated inventor.

In addition to unravelling the secrets of DinoFusion, and inventing the anti-gravity jet pack you see strapped to his back, this amazing flying quadruped has now turned his attention to the practical applications of lasers and wormholes including the Hologram Transmitter and Teleporters you see imaged below. 

Decoration hologram thumbnail@2x

Rupert's Hologram: Footprint [2,2], tax of 105 Coins / 5 Hours.

Rupert explores the Teleporter Regina is shocked! Whose arm is that?
Decoration teleporterRupert thumbnail@2x

Footprint [2,2], tax of 125 Coins / 6 Hours. 

Decoration teleporterRegina thumbnail@2x

Footprint [2,2], tax of 150 Coins / 7 Hours.

Teleporter Accidents The Origin of Two-Headed Dragons

Unfortunately early proptotypes for the Teleporter proved unreliable. One such early accident lead to the creation of Two-Headed Dragons. Always stick a finger or some other replacable object into the Teleporter before jumping in head first. Safety should always be first when experimenting with new inventions. 


Additional InventionsEdit

Professor OneStone's latest research has been the development of a robotic exoskeleton suitable to resist the bites of even the most aggressive T-Rex. Rupert looks truly formidable in his battle-ready exoskeleton. For a decoration with only a [3,3] footprint, this robot is truly gigantic!

Decoration giantrobot@2x

Giant Robot: Cost 99 crystals, footprint [3,3], tax 135 Coins / 4 Hours.

Using his awesome giant robot exoskeleton, Rupert clears the village of undesirable elements - and also greatly impresses all the cavewomen. Once Rupert has cleared all the terrible predators from the surrounding jungles, your village should be able to expand and grow again. 


Once again, heroic Rupert rescues Regina from the cruel jaws of certain death. 


My Hero!

Additional awesome inventions are shown below. 

Don't have wings but always wanted to fly? Take this newly designed Jetpack out for a ride!

Footprint is [3,3] and earns 165 Coins / 5 Hours. Looks like Theo is not yet used to the controls. 

Decoration jetpack@2x

Take a spin on this cool Hover Car. Footprint is [3,3], tax of 165 Coins / 5 Hours.

Notice the cool-blue anti-grav suspensor fields. 

Decoration hovercar thumbnail@2x

Have fun floating in the rippling fields generated by this awesome Anti-Gravity Field. 

Don't forget to hold onto your hats! Footprint: [5,5], tax of 250 Coins / 6 hours.

Decoration antigravity@2x

Occasionally, the antigrav coils get out of control! Look out!


Never get close to a wild antigravity coil. Unfortunately, not all my experiments work out exactly as planned. 

Storage TomorrowEdit

This Crates features an awesome futuristic storage warehouse as the grand prize! Notice the helpful maintenance robots. Does one float using an antigravity device?

Storage tomorrow thumbnail@2x

Storage Tomorrow: Footprint [6,6], Cost 299 crystals, Capacity of 30K

As with many warehouses, the design consists of a front and back portion. Note the high-energy blue laser beams along the front section. A sharp zap from these will, no doubt, deter even the most determined thief. But just in case, a wall-mounted security camera keeps a log of all visitors to the warehouse. 

Back Front
Storage tomorrow back@2x
Storage tomorrow front@2x

House of Tomorrow

Live in complete luxury with all the comforts the future has to offer in this awesome [3,3] House of Tomorrow. Worth 149 crystals!

Houses tomorrow@2x

House of Tomorrow: Houses 3 Villagers, Tax every 4 hours. 


Steps Task Reward
Step 1 1 Hologram 12 Crystals
Step 2 Both transporters 10 Crystals
Step 3 House of Tomorrow 14 Crystals
Step 4 Storage of Tomorrow 25 Crystals

The total possible crystal reward is 12 + 10 + 14 + 25 = 61 Crystals.

Screenshots showing Rank, Image and Description for Each PrizeEdit

Ui modal cratePurchased 0005 rank1@2x
Storage of tomorrow
Ui modal cratePurchased 0004 rank2@2x
House of tomorrow
Anit-gravity field
Ui modal cratePurchased 0003 rank3@2x
Ui modal cratePurchased 0002 rank4@2x
Gaint robot
Purple teleporter
Hover car
Rupert hologram
Theo Jetpack
Orange transporter