Introducing the Dragón de Dos Cabezas, or Spooky Two-Headed Dragon!

Found exclusively in the Terror Pack from these new and exciting Halloween Booster Packs! Coming Soon!

Start Date End Date
Wednesday October 30th, 2013 Tuesday November 5th, 2013

Introductory Modal: Features an animated Dragón de Dos Cabezas

Unfortunately the animation did not work at first, but was very shortly fixed.

It contained a strange  [2,2] grid on which the dragon walks. 

Modals BoosterPack halloween2boosterpacks animate@2x

HUD halloweenbooster13 icon@2x


To purchase, click on the in-app HUD shown above or select the Mallet and then under the Featured options select the Booster Pack with the awesome two-headed dino shown below.

Featured spookytwoheadeddragon@2x

Terror Pack

Contents of the Booster PacksEdit

Featured items might include … 

Pack Terror Pack Horror Pack Creepy Pack
Featured terrorPack@2x
Featured horrorPack@2x
Featured creepyPack@2x

Dragón de

Dos Cabezas

Oviraptor Pterodoctyl
Crystals 750 Crystals 220 Crystals 75 Crystals

Gold Horseman

Icons boosterpack halloweenboosterpack2@2x
Painted Horseman
Icons boosterpack halloweenboosterpack3@2x
Stone Horseman
Icons boosterpack halloweenboosterpack1@2x
Habitat Desert Dreamland Jolly Jungle Playful Plateau





Click the following Goals Icon to see the specific challenges for your village. 

These may depend on your level and purchase history. 

Goals specialGoal halloweenBooster@2x

For a village with no purchase history:

1a. Buy the Horror Pack and get an additional 200 crystals. 

or, for a village with substantial purchase history:

1b. Buy the Terror Pack and get an additional 400 crystals. 

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