Most Recent AppearanceEdit

Halloween Crates is back for 2014!

Start Date End Date
Thursday October 16th, 2014 Thursday October 23rd, 2014
Modals halloween1016@2x

Previous AppearancesEdit

Halloween Crates has arrived with awesome new and exclusive prizes!

Start Date End Date
Tuesday October 8th, 2013 November 4th at 6PM, PDT

Modals halloweenCrates@2x

To play, click the Crates icon on the left, or click the Mallet and then Featured followed by Crates or click the HUD on the right while it is active. Each play costs just 49 crystals, which is very reasonable considering how awesome these prizes are! Can you tell I am excited!

HUD halloweencrates icon@2x

There are eight awesome prizes, all discussed below. 


Tier 1. Top prize is this awesome Spooky Sky Dragon, exclusively available through Halloween Crates and worth 499 crystals according to the above modal, but listed at 599 crystals in the sacred Prices file!

What a cutie even if he is a little spooky!


This Halloween dragon would make an awesome treat for any village,  and he's not that hard to get.

Especially if you know a few tricks!


Tier 2

Second prize is the awesome new Pumpkin Patch Storage worth 299 Crystals!

Item Pumpkin Patch Storage
Storage pumpkinpatch@2x
Size [6, 6]
Cost 299 Crystals
Capacity 30 K

Beautiful pumpkin patch surrounded by a white picket fence, against a backdrop of two large trees in yellow, gold and crimson fall foliage. Thirteen orange and white pumpkins look just about ready to be made into Jack-o'-lanterns. 

Also Tier 2, is this awesome Pumpkin House worth 149 crystals according to the above modal, but listed at 189 crystals in the sacred Prices file. 

Item Pumpkin House
House pumpkinhouse@2x
Capacity 3 villagers
Size [3, 3]
Cost 149 Crystals
Reward 500 Coins / 4 Hours
Appearance Beautiful pumpkin house with eyes functioning as the main windows while the mouth serves as the front door. Bright pumpkin orange siding contrasts against an eggplant purple roof. Yard enclosed by a white picket fence includes a firepit and two barrels of fruit. Outdoor lamp suspended from a green pumpkin vine provides plenty of illumination at night - but may attract bats. 

Tier 3 Prizes

Apple Bobbing

Item Apple Bobbing
Decoration applebobbers thumbnail@2x
Size [3, 3]
Cost 99 Crystals 
Reward 450 Coins / 6 Hours

Halloween sees Regina, Rupert and Ozzie all dressed up and bobbing for beautiful red and golden green apples floating in a barrel of water. Regina, in her witch's hat has had some success, but the guys appear empty-handed so far. 

Trick or Treaters Decoration

Item Trick or Treaters Decoration
Decoration trickortreaters@2x
Size [3, 3]
Cost 119 Crystals 
Reward 450 Coins / 5 Hours

Two adorable village children, possibly young versions of Theodore and Rupert arrive at a spooky house hoping for Halloween treats. Young Rupert is dressed as a brontosaurus, while young Theodore appears to be wearing a ghost costume. The spooky house uses large dino bones to support the purple pointed roof and the yard reveals three old tombstones. A dead tree has clumps of tree moss hanging on its gnarled branches. A blood-thirsty spider can be seen hovering over Theo, perhaps looking for a treat of its own. 

Halloween Horseman or Sleepy Hallow Statue in-game.

Item Halloween Horseman
Decoration resleepyhallow@2x
Size [3, 3]
Cost 149 Crystals 
Reward 800 Coins / 6 Hours
Appearance Awesome statue of Rupert in black riding cloak atop a massive Andrewsarchus steed as it rears onto its hind legs. Circular stone plinth rests in a bed of red roses surrounded by rope fencing  attached to  jack-o'-lanterns at each of the four corners. 

Tier 4 Prizes

Black Cat Hissing

Item Black Cat Hissing
Decoration blackcathissing thumbnail@2x
Size [2, 2]
Cost 79 Crystals 
Reward 375 Coins / 7 Hours

A whimsical Halloween black kitty perched atop a dino skull hisses at some unseen spooky apparition.

Coffins: Check out these scary coffins, but only the Gold Coffin can be had in Halloween Crates.

Each has a [2,2] footprint. 

Item Gold Coffin Black Coffin Orange Coffin
Decoration coffin gold thumbnail@2x
Decoration coffin black thumbnail@2x
Decoration coffin orange thumbnail@2x
Cost 79 Crystals Not available in Crates Not available in Crates
Reward 375 Coins / 5 Hours - - - - - - 


Steps Task Reward
Step 1 Build 1 Gold Coffin or 1 Black Cat 12 Crystals & 450 XP
Step 2 Place an Apple Bobbing Decoration 10 Crystals & 450 XP
Step 3 Place 1 Pumpkin House 14 Crystals & 450 XP
Step 4 Place 1 Pumpkin Patch Storage 25 Crystals & 700 XP
Totals 61 Crystals & 2050 XP

Screenshots showing Rank, Image and Description for Each PrizeEdit

Ui modal cratePurchased 0005 rank1@2x
Ui modal cratePurchased 0004 rank2@2x
Spooky 2 pumpkinhouse
Spooky 2 pumpkinpatchstorage
Ui modal cratePurchased 0003 rank3@2x
Ui modal cratePurchased 0002 rank4@2x
Spooky 3 applebobbing
Spooky 4 blackcat
Spooky 3 halloweenhorseman
Spooky 4 goldcoffin
Spooky 3 trickortreaters

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