As Halloween approaches and the full moon rises, alternate preternatural forms emerge for several species of both dinos and dragons. Extreme color variation is only one of the many possibilities. Here we see our first glimpses of the Spooky Sky Dragon, officially known as the Halloween Dragon, and first introduced on October 8th, 2013 in Halloween Crates

This scaly creature sports a prominent cranial crown, a bird-like beak, giant bat-like wings in addition to four legs - with a purple back, pumpkin orange underwings and a glow-in-the-dark yellow belly. The bright belly coloration helps to hypnotize its unfortunate prey as it sweeps down on its unwary target from high above. Most spines and spikey growths are also pumpkin orange. 

Spooky Sky Dragon Regular - Sky Dragon
Spookyskydragon adult@2x
Dragon adult@2x

Adult Form for the Spooky Sky Dragon next to the Original

Below, we see an awesome Dino-Diorama featuring a family of these fabulous beasts. Ethologists are not sure if these spectacular pyrotechnic exhibitions in the twilight sky are a form of ritualized fighting or if they are some kind of dramatic mating ritual. With dragons - it is just impossible to tell. During these awesome displays of power, the mother dragons huddle protectively about their eggs and babies, while the teenagers gather wistfully near the summit of the highest mountain, perhaps wishing they were old enough to join the competition. 

SpookySkyDragon Diorama1

Dino-Diorama featuring a family of Spooky Sky Dragons. 

Dino Biodata: Edit

Life Stats for the Halloween Dragon

Species Name: SpookySkyDragon

Common Name: Halloween Dragon
BiomeID: Cloud;        Tier: 3, but description says Tier 4. 

Rarity Group: Shiny

Probability: 0, Sorry can't get by random egg. 
Hatch Time: 16 hours, Hurry Hatch: 10 crystals
Cost: 499 Crystals
  1. He's a prankster
  2. Loves candy
  3. Always aiming higher

Those dragon pups are sure cute, but keep your eyes open! They just love to blow sparks up your tail!


Professor OneStone

(somewhat distressed)

Here are some additional snapshots in various life stages, from egg, to baby, then toddler and teen. 

While incubating, the beautiful purple and gold-speckled dragon eggs are gently warmed in a bed of magical dragon flames. 

Spookyskydragon egg@2x
Spookyskydragon baby@2x
Spookyskydragon toddler@2x
Spookyskydragon teen@2x
Egg Baby Toddler Teen

For comparison, here are the same life stages for the original Sky Dragon

Dragon egg@2x
Dragon baby@2x
Dragon toddler@2x
Dragon teen@2x


1. Baby Tries to Fly


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