Halloween 2014 Appearance Edit

Ended Thursday November 6th 2014 and Village Elections started up.

Previous Appearances Edit

Spooky Netherworld entities are everywhere! Are you prepared to deal with the supernatural? Edit

Introductory Modal

Modals halloweenWeek@2x

Modal is exactly the same as for Halloween 2012

Start Date End Date
Friday October 18th, 2013 Halloween October 31st, 2013

To purchase any of the items featured in the Halloween Week theme,  select the Mallet, then Featured and select this Featured graphic:

Featured halloween@2x


Halloween, the perfect time to harvest pumpkins and carve some awesome Jack O'Lanterns.

All six Jack O-Lanterns can be harvested every 6 hours. 

Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 or White
Decoration jackolantern1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration jackolantern2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration jackolantern4 thumbnail@2x
Decoration jackolantern5 thumbnail@2x
Decoration jackolantern3 thumbnail@2x
Decoration jackolantern6 thumbnail@2x
Cost 180 Coins 2200 Coins 12 Crystals 12 Crystals 19 Crystals 5 Crystals
Reward 16 Coins / 6h 19 Coins / 6h 30 Coins / 6h 30 Coins / 6h 45 Coins / 6h 20 Coins / 6h

Nothing says spooky like a few well-placed Grave Stones

Item Grave Stone 1 Grave Stone 2 Grave Stone 3 Grave Stone 4
Decoration grave1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration grave2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration grave3 thumbnail@2x
Decoration grave4 thumbnail@2x
Cost 1250 Coins 2350 Coins 29 Crystals 29 Crystals
Reward 7 Coins / 4h 14 Coins / 5h 17 Coins / 5h 34 Coins / 6h

These three small Pumpkin Scarecrows may only have a [1,1] footprint, but their eerie & spooky carved faces are sure to keep unwanted intruders out of your garden. 



Pumpkin Scarecrow


Pumpkin Scarecrow


Pumpkin Scarecrow

Decoration pumpkinscarecrow orange1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration pumpkinscarecrow blue2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration pumpkinscarecrow yellow3 thumbnail@2x
Cost 29 Crystals 29 Crystals 29 Crystals
Reward 39 Coins / 4h 39 Coins / 4h 39 Coins / 4h
Build 7h or hurry for 7 Xstals 7h or hurry for 7 Xstals 7h or hurry for 7 Xstals

Three Little Ghosts

Each of these three adorable ghosts features one of our favorite villagers; Rupert, Regina or Theodore.

Each has a tiny [1,1] footprint and costs 29 crystals. 


Rupert Ghost

Regina Ghost

Theodore Ghost

Decoration spookyghost yellow1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration spookyghost blue2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration spookyghost violet3 thumbnail@2x
Cost 29 Crystals 29 Crystals 29 Crystals
Reward 96 Coins / 8h 96 Coins / 8h 96 Coins / 8h
Build 6h or hurry for 6 Xstals 6h or hurry for 6 Xstals 6h or hurry for 6 Xstals

Three Spooky Masks

These spooky masks are sure to strike terror in the feint of heart. Each has a [2,2] footprint. The orange mask costs 3300 coins, but the red & green masks are premium items offered at 29 crystals. 


Orange Spooky Mask

Red Spooky Mask

Green Spooky Mask

Decoration spookymask orange1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration spookymask red2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration spookymask green3 thumbnail@2x
Cost 3300 Coins 29 Crystals 29 Crystals
Reward 29 Coins / 5h 40 Coins / 7h 51 Coins / 8h
Build 2h or hurry for 2 Xstals 4h or hurry for 4 Xstals 5h or hurry for 5 Xstals

Two Flying Bats

Each whimsical Flying Bat is tethered to an old tree stump, which has a [2,2] footprint. Each costs 29 crystals. 

Alert: The red and white labels disagree with the file names which are blue and red, respectively. The files are actually named after the shading of the tree trunk, and not the ears and wings of each bat. 


Red Flying Bat 1

White Flying Bat

Decoration flyingbatdeco blue1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration flyingbatdeco red2 thumbnail@2x
Cost 29 Crystals 29 Crystals
Reward 68 Coins / 7h 68 Coins / 7h
Build 8h or hurry for 8 Xstals 8h or hurry for 8 Xstals

> > More soon

Premium Time-Released ItemsEdit

Not all decorations or items are typically available on the first day of a new theme. Typically several items will be time-released over the weekend and usually are only available for purchase using crystals. These items will be referred to as premium time-released items.

Double Trouble!

Released on the first Sunday of this Halloween Week theme. 

Looks like these two Cackling Witches are brewing up double the trouble!

Modals doubleTrouble@2x

Brewing Witches

> > More soon

Haunted Mansion

> > More soon


Preparation Steps: Each step earns 400 coins and 400 XP.  

Many items seem to be unlocked already, even without these unlocking steps. 

Goals icon pumpkinPail@2x
Step 1: Unlock the Cobweb Tree

Collect 10 rocks, 10 wood & 15 fur.

Step 2: Unlock the Grave Stones

Collect 20 rocks, 35 wood.

Step 3: Unlock the Halloween Store  Collect 45 rocks, 30 wood & 50 Fur.
- - or - -  - - - - 
Unlock All Build one white Jack O'Lantern

Goals Objective Image

Challenge Name

Dem Bones!

Goals Completion Image
Goals objective witchregina@2x

Steps are shown for higher-level villages only. 

Lower-level villages may need to make 1 or 2 less items for some of the challenges. 

Goals complete witchregina@2x

Goals icon pumpkinPail@2x

Required Steps for the Dem Bones! Challenge

1 Build 1 Cobweb Tree & 2 Grave Stones 400 Coins &
400 XP
2 Build 3 Jack-o'-Lanterns & 1 Spooky Mask 400 Coins &
400 XP
3 Build 1 Candy Corn Barrel 400 Coins &
400 XP
4 Build 1 Halloween Store Shop 400 Coins &
400 XP

Complete 1 Pumpkin Pail, 2 masks & 3 costumes

Time Limit: 50 Hours

Ghost Mammoth
& 400 XP

These baby Ghost Mammoths need a good home!

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