We are not sure if Holiday Week is starting early, or if this is just a temporary vehicle to release the two Hanukkah Items. In 2013, the Holiday Week featured graphic appeared early Wednesday December 4th, with just the two Hanikkah Items for new villages, but with many of the old Holiday items showing if you already have them in inventory.  To access the holiday items, click the Mallet, then choose Featured and the following featured graphic. 

Featured holidayWeek@2x


For new villages, the first day offered only these two Hanukkah items. 

Item Great Dreidel Menorah
Decoration giantdredle thumbnail@2x
Decoration menorah thumbnail@2x
x x x
Size [3, 3] [3, 3]
Cost 2750 Coins 3800 Coins
Reward 18 Coins / 5 Hours 33 Coins / 7 Hours

15 minutes or

Hurry for 1 Crystal

30 minutes or

Hurry for 1 Crystal

Note: The Menorah now builds in only 30 minutes instead of 12 hours. Nice!

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