Introductory Modal

Start Date End Date
Tuesday November 26th, 2013 Tuesday December 3rd at 6PM PST
Modals harvestBoostersRS@2x

To purchase a Harvest Booster Pack featuring any one of the three Leaf Dragons, click on the Booster HU​D 

HUD harvestBoosterRS icon@2x

or tap the Mallet, select Featured and then tap the Booster icon to select the Leaf Dragon Family

Featured harvestboosterRS@2x

Contents of the Booster PacksEdit

Featured items include … 

Pack Bloom Pack Sapling Pack Seed Pack
Featured bloomPack@2x
Featured saplingPack@2x
Featured seedPack@2x

Fall Leaf Dragon

Icons boosterpack leafdragon@2x

Red Leaf Dragon

Icons boosterpack leafdragonred@2x

Yellow Leaf Dragon

Icons boosterpack leafdragonyellow@2x
Crystals 750 Crystals 220 Crystals 75 Crystals

Volcanic Rock Phoenix

Decoration volcanicrockphoenix thumbnail@2x
Cliffrock Oviraptor
Decoration cliffrockoviraptor thumbnail@2x
Bedrock Brontornis
Decoration bedrockbrontornis thumbnail@2x


or deco

Tropical Island Tranquil  Tundra

No Habitat!

Minibot 2 instead





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