Haunted Bingo! 

Expired Tuesday October 29th, 2013, right on schedule!

Start Date End Date
Tuesday October 22nd, 2013 Tuesday October 29th, 2013
Modals hauntedBingo@2x

Get ready for the newest bingo triple-header - Haunted Bingo

Free Play Time Windows

We expect no Free plays for Mystery Bingo.

Both Regular and Super Bingo offer one free play per day.  

Goals icon bingo@2x

To play, simply tap the following Haunted Bingo HUD shown on the right side of your screen: 

HUD hauntedBingo icon@2x

or tap the mallet then select this action icon under Features to play Haunted Bingo

Featured spookybingo action@2x

This will lead you to three different Bingo boards. 

Play three different awesome Bingo Pattern Boards with exclusive new prizes and a price point for everyone!

Regular Bingo

Featured hauntedbingo regular@2x

25 Crystals per Play

Super Bingo

Featured hauntedbingo super@2x

49 Crystals per Play

Mystery Bingo

Featured hauntedbingo mystery@2x

69 Crystals per Play


Haunted House

House hauntedhouse@2x

Worth x Crystals

Spooky Graveyard Habitat

Habitat premium graveyard@2x

Spooky Dragon

SpookyHalloweenDragon adult@2x

Houses 4 villagers 

Footprint: [3,3]

Room for 3 Dinos

Footprint: [7,7]

Cloud Biome

Tax: 250 Coins / 12 Hours

Capacity: 2500

Bingo BoardsEdit

Here are some sample Bingo Boards. The design of the Super Bingo Boards and the Mystery Bingo Boards are the same for all players, but some of the prizes are dstill etermined randomly for each board. 

Super Board Mystery Board
HauntedBingo SuperBoard1
HaunterBingo MysteryBoard1
Pattern: Five Blue Squares Pattern: Four Blue Squares

However, there are a near-infinite number of Regular Bingo Boards. Here are a few from my Gadgets. 

Regular Board 1 Regular Board 2
HauntedBingo RegularBoard1
Regular Board 3 Regular Board 4

Despite this infinite diversity for the Regular board, the pattern, free spaces and location of the mystery prize are the same for each. However there are several possible Mystery prizes! 

Here are the various notification screens that appear describing the various grand prizes and the screen notifying a player they have won a grand prize.

Play to Win You Won!
Daily Bingo
HauntedBingoP2W Daily
HauntedBingoYouWon Daily
Super Bingo
HauntedBingoP2W Super
HauntedBingoYouWon Super
Mystery Bingo
HauntedBingoP2W Mystery
HauntedBingoYouWon Mystery

Bingo ChallengeEdit

Once again there is an associated three step challenge with this bingo that follows the same pattern as recent bingos.

Step 1: 18 Crystals - Play Super Bingo 3 Times.

Step 2: 18 Crystals - Play Super Bingo 2 More Times.

Step 3: 24 Crystals - Play Mystery Bingo 3 2 Times.

Super Board Prizes:

1 Prehistoric Toucan 50 Crystals 1042325 XP & 203500 Coins Modern Apartments Mystery Item
2 Surf Shop Beautiful Bluff Blue Stone Oven 1042325 XP & 203500 Coins 50 Crystals
3 Toy Castle Water Fairy Gold House Camp Lake Desert Dreamland
4 Toyland Habitat Golden Topsy Dino Painter Treasure Ship School Mascot
5 Prehistoric Bunny Free Play Skywatcher Store Spooky Mausoleum 1042325 XP & 203500 Coins
  • Please note that XP and coin rewards vary depending on level

Mystery Board Prizes:

1 50 Crystals Gingerbread Home Safari Mammoth Space House Blue School Bus
2 Flower Field Habitat Eco Friendly Habitat Dino Skeleton Barn Gold House
3 Barn Green House Super Hero Rupert Village Hall Blue Stone Oven
4 House of Bricks Tea Shrine Candy Habitat Fire Wagon Jolly Jungle
5 Chess Regina Moon Pirate Cannon Gold Bronto Train 50 Crystals

Summary of Habitats for your Supernatural DinosEdit

WIth the addition of this new habitat, there are now at least three habitats just perfect for all your supernatural dinos, such as skeletons, ghosts and spooky dinos. 

Graveyard Habitat Spooky Swamp Ancient Tarpits
Habitat premium graveyard@2x
Habitats premium spookyswamp@2x
Habitat premium dinosaurgraveyard@2x

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