Win awesome and exclusive prizes by playing the brand new Library Mini-Treasures

Start: Tuesday August 6th, 2013

End: Sunday August 11th, 2013

To play, either click on the modal at startup, or click the Mini-Treasures HUD shown below. 

HUD miniTreasures@2x
Modals libraryMiniTreasures@2x

Each play costs a daunting 69 crystals, but all the prizes are totally awesome. Library Mini-Treasures is structured very similar to the Zen Mini-Treasures or the more recent Luminious Mini-Treasures

Grand Prize is this awesome Library Storehouse worth 249 crystals. 

You have to just love the Library Ladder made from dino bones. 

Dang! That's a lot of books for a prehistoric village. Thought the printing press was invented much later. 

This storehouse has a footprint of [6,6] and a storage capacity of 25K.


Library Storehouse

Second Prize is this new and exlusive Pop-Up House worth 129 crystals.  The Pop-Up House is the perfect accessory if you already have the Storybook habitat. 

This whimsical house has a footprint of [3,3], holds three villagers, and produces returns of 350 coins every 4 hours. 

Houses popupbook thumbnail@2x

Pop-Up House

Third Prize is this whimsical Storytime Reading Decoration worth 99 crystals. All the young ones, bipeds & quadrupeds alike, are held spellbound as Regina recounts her harrowing escape from the slathering jaws of a hungry and determined T-Rex! What a story she has to tell. If only someone would make a movie or interactive game based on this amazing tale! Featured dinos include a teen brontosaurus, a protoceratops and an andrewsarchus. This is one of the very few decorations featuring characters who appear to be actual prehistoric village children

This gleeful decoration has a footprint of [4,4] and produces returns of 325 coins every 6 hours.

Decoration Storytime@2x

Storytime Reading Decoration

How to PlayEdit

Step 1: Start

To play, either click on the modal at startup, or click the Mini-Treasures HUD. This leads to the following window. Click the PLAY HERE button. 


Step 2: Pick a Treasure Box

You will now see a brief animation as the three boxes are shuffled. Pick any box. It really does not matter. 


Step 3: Confirm

You will now be presented with the option to confirm your purchase. No crystals will be removed until you press this confirm button. But once you do, those 69 crystals are gone, unless you have been using Safe Mode


Hope you got the prize you wanted! If not, check our pages to learn about Safe-Mode or jump onto Chat. 

LibraryMiniTreasures FirstPrize

LibraryMiniTreasures SecondPrize
LibraryMiniTreasures ThirdPrize