Fourth AppearanceEdit

The whimsical Local Heroes of Tiny Village make a fourth appearance. 

Start Date End Date
Friday July 11th, 2014  Thursday July 17th, 2014.

Transition: Was replaced by Circus Spectacular  on Thursday July 17th, 2014. 

Third AppearanceEdit

Dates for the third appearance

Start: Thursday August 22, 2013 End: Tuesday August 27, 2013

Introductory Modal

Modals prehistoricProtectors 128@2x

To play, select the Mallet, then FEATURED and finally press the LOCAL HEROES icon, which features the Hospital Store


Or, press the Goals Icon which you will see on the left of your screen, once it is pushed out to your gadget. 

Goals icon localheroes@2x
Or, press the HUD on the right of your screen.
HUD prehistoricprotectors0711@2x

Signature Stores and DecorationsEdit

The following special offers can be expected later in the theme, typically releassed one per day. 

Fire Station Store Firefighter Rupert Doctor Regina
Modals firestation 128@2x
Modals firefighterrupert 128@2x
Modals doctorRegina 128@2x


Since all the items are already available, no Unlocking steps are required this time. 

Challenges for high-level villages. The challenges are a little different from the last appearance of Local Heroes and now involve 5 steps instead of 4.  No Unlocking challenges are required this time. 

Let's get started!

LocalHeroes LetsGetStarted

Local Hero Week

Required Tasks for August 2013 Appearance Reward
1 Build 1 Ambulance 400XP & 400Coins
2 Build 3 Emergency Flags and 1 First Aid Station 400XP & 400Coins
3 Build 1 Police Booth 400XP & 400Coins
4 Build 1 Hospital Store

400XP & 400Coins

5 Complete 1 Thermometer recipe, 1 Bandage recipe and 1 Medicine  recipe. 

400XP &


Buildings icon crystals@2x

- - 

There is no time limit,

other than the end of Local Hero Week.

- -

To help with your motivation, here is a snapshot of that awesome 5-crystal reward for finishing the challenge. 

LocalHero 5CrystalReward


The  decorations can be grouped into three Heroic Categories: Medical, Fire FIghters and Police

What? No lawyers!

A. Decorations with a Medical Theme

Image & Name Size Cost Build Time Tax or Reward

Medical Flag

Decoration emergencyflagmedical thumbnail@2x
[1,1] 3Xstals 30 min 10 Coins/4H


Decoration ambulence@2x
[4,4] 2600 Coins 4H 80 Coins/6H

First Aid Station

Decoration firstaidestation@2x
[3,3] 1500 Coins 6H 90 Coins/6H

Dr. Regina

Decoration drregina@2x

[3,3] 129Xstals 6H 400 Coins/6H

B. Decorations with a Firefighter Theme

Image & Name Size Cost Build Time Tax or Reward

Firefighter Flag

Decoration emergencyflagfirefigher thumbnail@2x
[1,1] 19 Xstals 30 min 15 Coins/4H

Fire Wagon

Decoration firewagon thumbnail@2x
[3,3] 79 Crystals 8H 100 Coins / 5 Hours

Firefighter Rupert

Decoration firefighterrupert thumbnail@2x

[3,3] 64 Crystals 6H 350 Coins / 8 Hours

C. Decorations with a Police Theme

Image & Name Size Cost Build Time Tax or Reward

Police Flag

Decoration emergencyflagpolice thumbnail@2x
[1,1] 600 Coins 30 min 10 Coins / 4H

Police Booth

Decoration policebooth thumbnail@2x
[2,2] 1000 Coins 2H 80 Coins/6H

Police Station

Decoration policestation@2x
[4,4] 14,500 Coins 10H 200 Coins/8H

C. Decorations with a Fire Fighting Theme

> > Coming soon. 

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