Lucky Mammoth: Saint Patrick's MammothEdit

The Lucky Mammoth is a Tier 1 Tundra dino. Because of its high-fashion wardrobe with green and gold shamrock accessories - as well as the golden tusks and matching toe nails, this fanciful mammal is considered a chimera.

Luckymammoth adult@2x

Adult Lucky Mammoth

Here we see a family of Lucky Mammoths migrating out of the frozen hyperboreal lands where they hibernate. Thanks to an abundant crop of lichen, they already have some eggs and babies on the way. No doubt, plenty of babies will be available before Saint Patrick's Day which almost always falls on March the 17th. 

LickyMammoth MedRes

Information about the Lucky MammothEdit

The Lucky Mammoth is a Tier 1 dino from the Tundra Biome.  

Here are its Life Stats.

Cost: 109 crystals

Since it is currently hibernating, 
you cannot purchase this dino from the dino den. 
It can however easily be fused. 
It usually comes out of hibernation each year
just in time for Saint Patrick's Day.

Hatch Time: 7 hours

Hurry Hatch: 13 Crystals

Number of Eggs: 0: It is hibernating.

Gosh, that is a steep cliff! I sure hope that toddler doesn't toddle over the edge. Now that would be unlucky!


Professor OneStone

Here are some additional snapshots in various life stages, from egg, to baby, then toddler and teen. 

Stpatricksmammoth egg v2@2x
Luckymammoth baby@2x
Luckymammoth toddler@2x
Luckymammoth teen@2x