August 2014 AppearanceEdit

Start Date End Date
Friday August 15th, 2014

This appearance saw the release of a new modal for the Great Theatre. Details for this decoration appear below. 

Modals GreatTheatre0815@2x


No unlocking challenges. Challenge is the same as the orginal Mid-summer

Let's get Started! 

Theater LetsGetStarted
Steps The Show Must Go On
1 Build 1 Theatre Mask 400 Coins and 400 XP
2 Build 2 Cardboard Props 400 Coins and 400 XP
3 Build 1 Theatre Stage 400 Coins and 400 XP
4 Build 1 Theatre Snacks Store

Complete 1 Recipe

3 Crystals and 400 XP


Steps Encore!
1 Build 1 Theatre Balcony 2 Crystals

and 400 XP

Crystals: A total of 3 + 2 = 5 crystals can be earned. 

3-Crystal Reward 2-Crystal Reward
Theater 3CrystalReward
Theater 2CrystalReward


The village has Theatre Fever! Whether Spring, Mid-summer or Mid-autumn - it's always a great time to put on a play! Get ready for Mid-Autumn Theatre!

Modals autumnTheatre@2x

Introductory Modal for this Theme


Unlocking Steps: Each step earns 400 coins and 400XP.  

Unlocking Challenges
Goals icon theatreweek@2x
1. Unlock the Coardboard Props Collect 10 rocks, 20 wood and 25 fur.
2. Unlock the Theatre Stage Feed 1 dino
3. Unlock the Rest! Complete 1 Dress Recipe in the Clothing Store. (2 hours)
Unlock all Items!

Build 1 Tree Prop at a cost of 29 Crystals

Used to be just 3 crystals. 

Just for fun, here is an extremely rare version of the Clothing Store. Have you ever seen it?

Shops tailor thumbnail@2x
Goals Objective Image Challenge Name Goals Completion Image
Goals objective theatreweekrupert@2x

Exit ... Stage Left!

Steps are shown for higher-level villages only. 

Lower-level villages may need to make 1 or 2 less items for some of the challenges. 

Goals complete theatreweekrupert@2x

Goals icon theatreweek@2x

Required Steps for the Theatre Challenge

Exit ... Stage Left!!

Exit ... Stage_Left!

Required Task


1 Build 3 Theatre Masks & 3 Cardboard Props 400XP & 400Coins

Build 3 Theatre Stages 

400XP & 400Coins

Build 1 Theatre Snacks Blue Store.

Yes, the price is outrageous. 

  • Lower level villages can get off just building the much cheaper Red version.

400XP & 400Coins


Complete 2 of each recipe.

Two Licorice, 2 Dino Colas and 2 Popcorn.  

400XP &

2 Crystals


Build 3 Theatre Balconies 

400XP &

3 Crystals

You can earn a total of FIVE = 2 + 3 crystals.


[1x1] decorations

Item Boulder Prop Bush Prop
Decoration cardboardboulder@2x
Decoration cardboardbush@2x
Cost 500 Coins 500 Coins
Build Time 1 Hour 1 Hour
Tax/Reward 12 Coins / 8 Hours 12 Coins / 8 Hours

[2x2] decorations

Item Theatre Masks Theatre Balcony House Prop Tree Prop
Decoration theatremask@2x
Decoration theatrebalcony@2x
Decoration cardboardhouse@2x
Decoration cardboardtree@2x
Cost 750 Coins 10000 Coins 29 Crystals 29 Crystals
Build Time 6 Hours 8 Hours 1 Hours 1 Hours
Tax/Reward 15 Coins /
8 Hours
150 Coins /
6 Hours
12 Coins /
6 Hours
12 Coins /
6 Hours

[3x3] decoration

Item Paper Mache T-Rex
Decoration papermachetrex@2x
Cost 99 Crystals
Build Time 4 Hours
Tax/Reward 120 Coins / 7 Hours

[4x4] decoration

Item Theatre Stage
Decoration theatrestage@2x
Cost 1500 Coins
Build Time 6 Hours
Tax/Reward 15 Coins / 5 Hours

Featured StoresEdit

Item Theatre Snacks Theatre Snacks Blue
Store theatresnacks@2x
Store theatresnacksv2@2x
Cost 4400 Coins 249000 Coins
Build Time 12 Hours 12 Hours

15 Minutes, 20 Food
43 Coins and 185XP

Dino Cola
2 Hours, 39 Food
99 Coins and 632XP

8 Hours, 125 Food
415 Coins and 1420XP

Buildings recipe theatrelicorice@2x

Buildings recipe theatredinocola@2x

Buildings recipe theatrepopcorn@2x

10 Minutes, 72 Food
97 Coins and 685XP

Dino Cola
2 Hours, 125 Food
195 Coins and 1465XP

8 Hours, 270 Food
462 Coins and 3427XP

Premium Time-Released ItemsEdit

Not all decorations or items are typically available on the first day of a new theme. Typically several items will be time-released over the weekend and usually are only available for purchase using crystals. These items will be referred to as premium time-released items.

1. Great Theatre

On Sunday, the following modal for this awesome Great Theatre decoration was released. 

Modals showMustGoOn 0924@2x

New Modal for Fall 2013

Item Details

Item Great Theatre


Size: [5,5]

Decoration greattheatre@2x
Cost 189 Crystals
Build Time 10 Hours
Tax/Reward 475 Coins / 8 Hours

Early Clues for the Weekly Theme: The two older modals referred to either Rupert's Midsummer Play or Spring Play. But those words have been removed above. This was the first signal, that the Theatre theme would be back. 

Modals showMustGoOn321@2x

Spring Modal


On the first day, the Featured Graphic still refers to Spring Theater, not Mid-Autumn Theatre as it should. 

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