The Music Theme made its fourth appearance on Thursday February 20th, 2014. 

Click the Mallet and then this Featured image (showcasing Theodore Conductor) to access the available items. 

Featured musicWeek@2x

Modal for this offer of Music Weekend in Tiny Village!

Modals beautifulMusic limited v2@2x

Challenges: It looks like the Resource requirements are being skipped this time. 

Play the Music! For high-level villages. 

Step Reward
1. Build 3 Music Notes 400 Coins & 400XP
2. Build 3 Rock Guitars 400 Coins & 3 Crystals

Lower levels only need build 1 or 2 of each. 

Show Must Go On!  These challenges  did not appear until Sunday.

Step Reward
1. Build 1 Theodore Conductor for 99 crystals 400XP & 5 Crystals
2. Build 1 Quartet Statue for 149 Crystals 400XP & 10 Crystals

Here are some snapshots to motivate you for that ten-crystal reward!

10-Crystal Challenge 10-Crystal Reward
MusicTheme TenCrystalChallenge
MusicTheme TenCrystalReward

You can instantly earn up to 15 crystals if you already have these decorations, plus the 3 crystals for building the rock guitars. 

Symphony StoreEdit

Returning at the same price of 99 crystals is the awesome Symphony Store. At the last appearance of this theme, there were a few small changes such as level requirements. Released for this appearance of the Music Theme on Monday, February 24th, 2014. 

Modals symphony level25@2x

Signature DecorationEdit

Get the rare [5,5] Quartet Statue Decoration for only 149 Crystals. Thankfully, the price was not increased.  Here are the two most recent modals for this theme. Can you spot the difference(s)?

Jan 2013 Modal New July 30th Modal
Modals perfectHarmony@2x
Modals perfectHarmony limited v2@2x

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