Mystery Week - September 2014

Introductory Modal for September 2014

Modals mysteryWeek0912@2x
Start Date End Date
Friday September 12th, 2014 Friday September 19th, 2014

Theme Transitions for 2014 AppearanceEdit

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Back to School Theme Wedding Theme

Previous ApperancesEdit

Tiny Village is getting ready to celebrate its second birthday! 

Let's start the party with a free Birthday Cake!

Introductory Modal for 2013

Modals tinyVillageTurnsTwo@2x
Start Date End Date
Friday November 1st, 2013 ??

Second Anniversary Cake for 2013

Item Scrumptious Cake
Decoration birthdaycake02a@2x
Tax 10 Coins / 8 Hours
Cost Free 2nd Anniversary Deco
Size [3,3] Footprint

Mystery WeekEdit

Solve the mystery of the gobbled cake!

Start Date End Date
Friday November 1st,  2013 Wednesday November 6th, 2013
Modals mysteryWeek@2x

Oh, no! It appears someone or something has eaten the anniversary cake!


Demolished Cake!

Help Detective Rupert figure out who the culprit is during Mystery Week! To select items from this theme, select the Mallet, then Featured and finally choose the Mystery Week featured graphic shown below. 

Featured mysteryweek@2x


Goals Objective Image Challenge Name Goals Completion Image
Goals objective sherlockrupert@2x

Who Dunnit?

Steps shown for higher-level villages only. 

Lower-level villages may need to make 1 or 2 less items for some of the challenges. 

Goals complete sherlockrupert@2x
Goals icon brokenCake@2x
Required Steps for the "Who Dunnit?" Challenge

A. Unlocking steps

Step Challenge Reward
1: Unlock the Footprint Tiles Collect 10 rocks, 10 wood and 15 fur resources. 400Coins & 400XP
2: Unlock the Crime Scene Tapes Collect 20 rocks & 35 wood resources. 400Coins & 400XP
3:Unlock the P.I. Office Collect 15 rocks, 20 wood and 10 fur resources. 400Coins & 400XP
 - - -  or - - -  - - -   - - - 

Unlock all items!

(in 30 minutes)

Build 1 Human Footprint 4

(Costs 5 crystals!)

400Coins & 400XP

B. Main Challenge: Who Dunnit?

Let's Get Started! - Who is the culprit! Was it a dino or a human?

MysteryWeek LetsGetStarted
Step Challenge Reward

Build 2 dino tracks and 2 human tracks.

Each takes 30 minutes. 

400Coins & 400XP

Build 3 Crime Scenes.

Each takes 2 hours. 

400Coins & 400XP

Build a P.I. Office

Each takes 10 hours. 

(We recommend 2 or 3.)

400Coins & 400XP

Complete 2 of each recipe.

2 Advice Recipes (15 min.)

• 2 Clue Recipes (2 hours)

• 2 Stakeout Recipes (8 hours)

5 Crystals & 400XP


Time limit of 43 hours!

Here's a snapshot of that 5-crystal reward as motivation. 

MysteryWeek 5CrystalReward


Who ate the birthday cake? Fortunately the culprit has left many footprints about the scene of the crime.

A. Could it be one of the four-toed human children? Our prehistoric detective has found the following human footprints at or near the crime scene. Could one of them be from the culprit?

Human Footprints

Human Footprint # 1 2 3 4
Decoration footprintfloortiles human chocolate1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration footprintfloortiles human pink2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration footprintfloortiles human purple3 thumbnail@2x
Decoration footprintfloortiles human blue4 thumbnail@2x
Color Chocolate Pink Purple Blue

Each Human Footprint is a tiny [1,1] deco costing 750 coins and taking 30 minutes to build. 

Except, Human Footprint 4, which costs 5 crystals

B. Could the culprit be one of the three-toed dino toddlers? The following dinoprints have been found all about the crime scene. 

Dino Footprints

Dino Footprint # 1 2 3 4
Decoration footprintfloortiles bronto chocolate1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration footprintfloortiles bronto pink2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration footprintfloortiles bronto purple3 thumbnail@2x
Decoration footprintfloortiles bronto blue4 thumbnail@2x
Color Chocolate Pink Purple Blue

Each Dino Footprint is a tiny [1,1] deco costing 750 coins and taking 30 minutes to build. 

Sherlock Rupert and the Village Police are on the case and have decided to cordon off the crime scene using these barricades and lamps. Each has a modest [2,2] footprint. 

Item Crime Scene Barricade Crime Scene Lamp
Decoration crimescenetape barricade1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration crimescenetape lamp2 thumbnail@2x
Cost 3300 Coins 4500 Coins 
Tax 19 Coins / 5 Hours 19 Coins / 5 Hours
Build Info 2 Hours or Hurry for 2 Xstals 2 Hours or Hurry for 2 Xstals

Stone Age Technology

The housing for each crime-fighting lamp consists of two stones separated by 4 dino bones! 

Inside, dino tallow candles makes an excellent light source.  How cool is that!


Never waste a good dino bone!

Looks like this is going to be a tough case to solve. Better bring in the Special Unit Team and the Crime Team to help apprehend the culprit. Fortunately, both teams can be on the scene really quick using these prehistoric vans!

Crime Vans: Each premium van a [4,4] footprint and costs 39 crystals. 

Item Flower Crime Van Special Unit Van
Decoration crimescenevan flower2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration crimescenevan grey1 thumbnail@2x
Cost 39 Crystals 39 Crystals
Tax 39 Coins / 4 Hours 39 Coins / 4 Hours
Build Info 7 Hours or Hurry for 7 Xstals 7 Hours or Hurry for 7 Xstals

Technology focus: Notice once again the use of every spare dino bone. In this case, each van features 3 windows on either side and a large front window outlined by the strategic placement of 6 dino bones, of which only 4 are visible. 

DinoBonesIntoWindows LoRes

Everything is made from Dino Bones

Forensic Kit

This is going to be a really tough case to solve. Time to get out the Forensic Kit! 

Perhaps Detective Rupert can take a few fingerprints, or identify some claw marks, which for dinos are just as unique! The Forensic Kit is a [3,3] deco. 

Item Forensic Kit
Decoration forensickit thumbnail@2x
Cost 29 Crystals
Tax 60 Coins / 7 Hours
Build Info 8 Hours or Hurry for 8 Xstals

The Culprit!Edit

Thanks to the dogged work of Detective Rupert, and the Special Unit team, it looks like we may have found our cake-chomping culprit! These snapshots seem to point the finger at this Brontosaurus youngster!

Although,  many villagers seem shocked the culprit did not turn out to be Rupert himself!

Cake-munching Brontosaurus: Each whimsical statue has a [3,3] footprint. 

Item Cute Culprit Adorable Burgler
Decoration cuteculprit bronto1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration cuteculprit costumed2 thumbnail@2x

129 Crystals

(used to be 109)

99 Crystals

(used to be 79)

Tax 230 Coins / 7 Hours 175 Coins / 6 Hours
Build Info 12 Hours or Hurry for 12 Xstals 12 Hours or Hurry for 12 Xstals


P. I. Office

Item P. I. Office
Shops pioffice thumbnail@2x
Cost 8,500 Coins
Recipe Menu
RecipeMenu PIOffice
Build Info 10 Hours or 10 Crystals
Footprint [4, 4]

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