A cautionary tale about how my village nearly died one day shortly before Halloween. 

Was happily collecting coins when my game suddenly lost connection at the exact moment some files were downloading. The two partially downloaded files were clearly corrupted. Both corrupted files were for the Yellow Archaeopteryx, which for some reason decided to dowmload during the game. 

The files could be opened in ES File Explorer, but instead of dino info, their contents had been replaced by a web message from my internet service provider. Weird. I saw the same message when I tired to reconnect to CNN. 


Although the game would launch properly, it took just a short while before it crashed, always briefly displaying this message. For example, opening a Habitat to feed some dinos was always fatal. Even though the habitat under test did not contains a yellow archaeopteryx!

Contrary to the stated advice, clearing the Cache did nothing to relieve the problem. 

Solution: I considered uninstalling and reinstalling, but did not want to risk such a drastic step. 

Instead, connecting my Nexus to my Mac, the in-game files were inspected. Sure enough, the two files were corrupyted!

Using my Mac to delete just the two erroneous Yellow Archaeopteryx files saved the game! Phew!!

The files were not needed apparently, but their presence was detected after a minute or so and was always fatal!

> > More later. 

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