Ninja Crates IIEdit

Get ready for the return of Ninja Crates!

Start Date End Date
Tuesday September 24th, 2013 Friday September 27th, 2013

Modal for Ninja Crates II

Modals ninjaCratesRS@2x

Ninja Crates IEdit

Get ready to try your luck at the awesome Ninja Crates featuring many all-new incredible and exclusive decorations. For just 39 crystals a pop - you too can catch Ninja Fever!

Modals ninjaCrates v3@2x

Start: Friday June 21st about 8PM EST. End: July 12th at 6PM PDT. 

HUD ninjacrates icon@2x

Here are a few of these awesome ninja-themed decorations. First, feast your eyes on this gorgeous bamboo field complete with privacy screen and pristine water gently overflowing from its own rock-lined spring. Your dinos will be ecstatic in this awesome habitat with its [7,7] footprint. A hungry Panda's dream! Room for 3! Coin capacity of 3500. Totally awesome!

Habitat premium bamboofield v2@2x

Habitat: Bamboo Field: Worth 179 crystals

And here is an early small-sized version of the bamboo field which will not be available. 

Habitat premium bamboofield@2x

Oni Statues

Notice the appearance of some stray text behind the horns! We have two unique collector's item!

Each Oni Statue has a [3,3] footprint and is nominally worth 79 crystals. 

Blue Oni Statue

135 Coins / 4 Hours

Red Oni Statue

165 Coins / 5 Hours

Decoration blueonistatue@2x
Decoration redonistatue@2x
Houses dojo@2x

Doho House: Worth 149 crystals with a [3,3] footprint. 

Houses three villagers. 

Each of the following decorations have a small [2,2] footprint. 

Ninja Regina

125 Coins / 6 Hours

Kite Ninja

150 Coins / 7 Hours

Kabuki Rupert

105 Coins / 5 Hours

Decoration ninjaregina@2x
Decoration kiteninja@2x
Decoration kabukirupert@2x

Ninja Course

Although not for the faint of heart, what village would be complete without this awesome training course for wannabee ninja's! If you survive the roasting pit, swinging blades and sharp-pointed stars, you too, can join the elite ranks of these awesome Prehistoric Ninjas! Good luck! 

Decoration ninjacourse v2@2x

This awesome Ninja Course has a [5,5] footprint and earns 300 coins every 6 hours. 


There are four steps.

Step Reward
1. Place one Oni Statue 12 xtals and 400XP
2. Place 2 ninjas or kabukis, 10 xtals and 400XP
3. Place 1 Dojo House 14 xtals and 400XP
4. Place 1 Bamboo Habitat 25 xtals and 400XP

Analysis: Earn a total of 12 + 10 + 14 + 25 = 61 Crystals back as rewards. 

You must spend a minimumn of 5*39 = 195 crystals to complete all 4 challenges. 

Minimum cost for 5 decorations is 195 - 61 = 134 crystals. 

Our regular readers know the required steps. 

Screenshots showing Rank, Image and Description for Each PrizeEdit

Ninja 1 bamboo field habitat
Ninja 2 dojo house
Ninja 2 training course
Ninja 3 blue oni statue
Ninja 3 red oni statue
Ninja 4 regina ninja
Ninja 4 rupert kabuki
Ninja 4 ninja kite