During the Nursery Crates 1 event, there was an option to win eve more awesome dinos, for one weekend only in this Nursery Crates 2 event!

Start Date End Date
Friday March 21st, 2014 Sunday March 23rd, 2014
Modals nurseryCrates2@2x

Cost for this special version is 59 crystals, instead of 49 crystals. 


Although the tier 1 and tier 2 prizes are the same, Onyx Dragon, Nursery Home and Habitat, the tier 3 and 4 prizes feature some awesome and exceptionally rare dinos such as the Rainbow Dragon!

Do not miss this incredible opportunity!

Additional Dino and Dragons available in Nursery Crates 2Edit

New Rank 3 Prizes for Nursery Crates 2

Rainbow Dragon Skelesaurus
NurseryCrates2 RainbowDragon Notification
NurseryCrates2 Tier3 SKelesaurus Notification

Sky Dragon Two-Headed Dragon
NurseryCrates2 Tier3 SkyDragon Notification
NurseryCrates2 Tier3 TwoHeadedDragon Notification

New Rank 4 Prizes for Nursery Crates 2

Purple Bambiraptor Yellow Leaf Dragon
NurseryCrates2 Tier4 PurpleBambi Notification
NurseryCrates2 Tier4 YellowLeafDragon Notification

White Sabretooth Black Sabretooth
NurseryCrates2 Tier4 WhiteSabre Notification
NurseryCrates2 Tier4BlackSabre Notification

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