Village scouts have discovered a new dragon while on Safari in the remotest badlands. This completely wild dragon, never having had to work in the rock pits or lumber yards, has grown plump and fat on the rich juicy berries that grow abundantly in its native Forest habitat.

Introduction: March 11, 2014 as the Top Prize in Dino Nursery Crates .

Appearance: The Blue Plump or Blue Fat Dragon is primarily two-toned, blueberry-colored dorsal surface and limbs that stand out against a beige abdomen or ventral surface. Two sharp cone-shaped horns make the Blue Fat Fragon a formidable opponent when dinos decide to rumble. Two rows of dangerous spikes run down both sides of the dragon's back, protecting the delicate vestigial wings. Although these graceful wings, stand out because of their deep-prussian blue coloration, there is no way this fat dragon is ever going to become airborn! Nevertheless, you will often see younger Fat Dragons desperately fluttering their wings in a vain hope to fly. Older (and much heavier) fat dragons know better than to even try to defy the laws of gravity. It is easy to mistake the Blue Plump Dragon for a pig or even an odd-looking hippo. 

Adult Blue Plump Dragon in Various Life Poses

Fatdragonblue adult@2x
BlueFatDragon GreenFire2
Glaring Snorting Green Fire
FatBlueDragon Diorama1

Dino-Diorama featuring a family of Azure Plump Dragons feasting on blueberries!

Life StatsEdit

Life Stats for the Onyx Dragon or Azure Plump Dragon

Species Name: PlumpdragonBlue

Common Name: Onyx Dragon
BiomeID: Primordia        Tier: 3  (but file says tier 4!)

Rarity Group: SuperShiny

Probability: 0, Sorry can't get by random egg. 
Hatch Time: 16 hours, Hurry Hatch: 10 crystals
Cost: 589 Crystals/ Value of fatdragonbluecost
  1. More dragon to love!
  2. Has been known to eat a whole forest of berries!
  3. Loves to tumble down the hill!

Those dragon pups are sure cute, but keep your eyes open! They just love to blow sparks up your tail!

TailSparks BabyFatDragons

Professor OneStone

(somewhat distressed)

Comparative Dragon AnatomyEdit

Here are some additional snapshots in various life stages, from egg, to baby, then toddler and teen. 

Plump dragon eggs have concentric frilly bands all in shades of yellow - - which contrasts markedly against the blueberry hides of the adults. This is believed to be an evolutionary adaptation which makes the eggs really stand out - and helps the fat adults from accidentally sitting on their own delicate eggs. 

Fatdragonblue egg@2x
Fatdragonblue baby@2x
Fatdragonblue toddler@2x
Fatdragonblue teen@2x
Egg Baby (1-3) Toddler (4-6) Teen (7-9)

Here are the comparable snapshots for the original pink Plump Dragon. 

Plump dragon eggs have concentric frilly bands all in blue - - which contrasts markedly against the raspberry pink of the adults. 

Fatdragon egg@2x
Fatdragon baby@2x
Fatdragon toddler@2x
Fatdragon teen@2x
Egg Baby (1-3) Toddler (4-6) Teen (7-9)

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