Prism Unaysaurus

Whimsical version of the Unaysaurus sporting rainbow colors!

Once again, there is a problem wth an extra S in the name. The correct spelling is Unaysaurus, but some of the in-game graphic files use UnaSysaurus instead. This does not appear to have  caused any problems in the game, and we do not expect a case of the "Double Dinos" as we saw with the original Unaysaurus. 

Unaysaurusrainbow adult@2x

Adult Prism Unaysaurus - Cute!

Below, we see an awesome Dino-Diorama featuring a family of Prism Unaysaurus dinos on a rocky landscape. That sure seems a dangerous spot to build your nest! 

RainbowUnaysaurus Diorama1

Dino-Diorama featuring a family of Prism Unaysaurus dinos.

Color Bands: Once a Prism Unaysaurus is full grown, it always has three complete bands in the color sequence Green, Purple, Orange, Red and Blue plus a final green band at the tip of the tail. Additional color markings incude purple eyelids, yellow snout patch, yellow mottling on upper forlimbs, black toenails and  short blue stripes on the feet or lower legs. 

Life Stats for the Prism Unaysaurus

Species Name: UnasysaurusRainbow

Common Name: Prism Unaysaurus

BiomeID: Primordia;   Tier: Forest Tier 3

Rarity Group: Shiny

Probability: 0, Not available through random eggs.

Hatch Time: 12 hours

Hurry Hatch: 17 crystals

Cost: 339 Crystals

  • As specified by unaysaurusrainbowcost, but not available in dino-den.


1. Loves fruit

2. Knows when it will rain

3. Rainbows appear when happy

My, what big teeth these little nippers have!

Hand feeding is absolutely not recommended!


Professor OneStone

Here are some additional snapshots in various life stages, from egg, to baby, then toddler and teen.  The baby is absolutely adorable!  

Unaysaurus egg@2x
Unaysaurusrainbow baby@2x
Unaysaurusrainbow toddler@2x
Unaysaurusrainbow teen@2x

Egg Anomaly: The egg is the same as for the original Unaysaurus, although a darker eggshell fragment appears in the graphic for the baby Prism Unaysaurus. The reuse of the old egg is specified in the in-game files. This same story also holds for the Grim Spinosaurus, which was released at the same time as the Prism Unaysaurus. 

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