A new Lion-Themed Mini-Treasures!  Introducing Proud Mini-Treasures

Start Date End Date
Tuesday September 17th, 2013 Sunday September 22nd, 2013

Each play costs 69 crystals. Started late evening on Tuesday EST. 

Here is V2 of the modal. 

Modals proudMiniTreasures v2@2x

And here is V3 of the modal, which was pumped out about 24 hours into the event. That Lion has appreciated!

Modals proudMiniTreasures v3@2x


Probabilities: There are three possible prizes. You have a 10% chance to win the Crystal Lion. There is a 60% chance to win the Lion Den House and only a 30% chance to win the booby prize, the Leo 's Brazier.

1. Top Prize: Leo Statue - yes it produces crystals!

Priced in the game files at 149, but worth over 200 crystals.

Name: Crystal Leo
Decoration lion thumbnail@2x

Footprint: [3,3]

Limit: NONE! Grab as many as you can! 

Tax:  1 Crystal / 7 Hours for 58 days. 
Appearance: Awesome lion statue carved with stone body and gold mane and tail tip. Eyes and nose composed of polished ruby crystals.
Base: Square stone top above similar stone bottom and supported by dinosaur bones.  Middle gold square decorated with row of rubies. 

2. Second Prize: Lion Den House

Item Lion Den House
House LionDen thumbnail@2x

Houses 3 Villagers

Footprint [3, 3]
Worth 129 Crystals
Tax 350 Coins / 4 Hours

3. Third Prize: Leo's Brazier

Alert: This is a very tiny deco, much smaller than the image below.

Item Leo's Brazier
Deco LionBrazier thumbnail@2x
Footprint [1, 1]
Worth 99 Crystals
Tax 800 coins / 8 hours

How to PlayEdit

To play, either click on the modal at startup, or click the Mini-Treasures HUD that appears on the right of your screen.

HUD miniTreasures@2x

Alert: This round, the entire game can be played in Safe Mode. There is no server check. Nice!

Step 1. Click the Proud Mini-Game button to see the the three exclusive prizes offered in this Mini-Game. 

ProudMini Play1

Step 2. Click the "Play Here" button, then select one of three gift-wrapped boxes. It really does not matter! Which prize you will get is a mystery! You need not be connected at this stage - unlike previous mini-games. There is no server check this time and no annoying spinning blue arrow! Awesome!

ProudMini Play2

Select one of the three boxes. It does not matter which. 

Step 3. Each play costs 69 crystals! Once you press the Confirm Button shown below, those precious crystals are gone! You need not be connected to press this button, but unless your connection is reestablished shortly, your game will not be saved and your prize will be lost. 


After you press the confirm button, you will see a prize notification similar to the screenshots below. The prize will appear in your inventory. The Lion Den House will appear under the Buildings option, but the other two prizes are Decorations. 

Prize Notification Snaps

You won the Leo Brazier! (That's the booby prize, sorry.)

ProudMini ThirdPrize

You won the Lion Den House! That is a pretty good prize. Congrats!

ProudMini SecondPrize

You won the Crystal Leo! Awesome! That's the grand prize. 

ProudMini FirstPrize

Best Strategy: A smart player will collect as many Crystal Lions as they can - using Safe Mode to score each for just 69 crystals. There is no limit, so stock up! I plan to get a few every day until this awesome Mini-Game is over. Rawr!

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