Rainbow Shadow Dragon

Here are some awesome shots of an adult Rainbow Dragon. 

RainbowShadow Flying
Rainbowshadowdragon adult@2x
RainbowDragon Impressing
Flying Crouching Dragon Impressing the ladies!

Adult Rainbow Dragon in Various Life Poses

Below, we see a Dino-Diorama featuring a family of these fabulous beasts. Can you spot the precious treasure(s) at the end of the rainbow?


Dino-Diorama featuring a family of Rainbow Dragons

Life Stats for the Rainbow Dragon

Species Name: Rainbowshadowdragon

Common Name: Rainbow Dragon
BiomeID: Cloud;        Tier: 3, but description says 4

Rarity Group: Shiny

Probability: 0, Sorry can't get by random egg. 
Hatch Time: 16 hours, Hurry Hatch: 10 crystals
Cost: 589 Crystals, but not visible in shop.
  1. Lurks in the rainbows
  2. From a far away land...
  3. Loves to paint

Those dragon pups are sure cute, but I always have to be careful when I fly by the castle nursery.  All the pups try to blow sparks up my tail! 

It's some sort of game to them. Seems they are trying to cause a giant methane explosion!


Professor OneStone

(somewhat distressed)

Comparative Dragon AnotomyEdit

Here are snapshots of the Rainbow Dragon in various life stages from egg, to baby, then toddler and teen. 

Rainbow Dragon

RainbowShadowDragon egg@2x
Rainbowshadowdragon baby@2x
Rainbowshadowdragon toddler@2x
Rainbowshadowdragon teen@2x
Egg Baby Toddler Teen

Original Shadow Dragon for comparison purposes.

Shadowdragon egg@2x
Shadowdragon baby@2x
Shadowdragon toddler@2x
Shadowdragon teen@2x


The Rainbow Dragon would be at home in either of these awesome castles. 

Shadow Dragon Castle SkyDragon Castle
Habitat premium shadowdragoncastle@2x
Habitat premium dragoncastle@2x

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