Originally introduced just before Christmas 2012, the holiday favorite Reindeer Raptor is expected to make regular visits every year around Christmas. Here is the "Reign of Joy" modal for its first introduction. 

Modals reignOfJoy@2x

Reindeer Raptor Images

Reindeerraptor adult@2x
Active Stage Resting Stage

Adult Reindeer Raptor in Various Life Poses

Appearance: The reindeer raptor > > more soon

ReindeerRaptor Diorama2 LoRes

Dino-Diorama featuring an awesome Reindeer Raptor family!

Life Stats: Edit

Life Stats for the Reindeer Raptor

Species Name: Reindeerraptor

Common Name: Reindeer Raptor
BiomeID: Taiga        Tier: 2, Tundra

Rarity Group: Shiny

Probability: 0, Sorry can't get by random egg. 
Hatch Time: 8 hours, Hurry Hatch: 8 crystals
Cost: 289 crystals, new Spotlight price.
  1. Has a very shiny nose!
  2. Is a leader
  3. Hates the dark 

Professor OneStone


> > Soon

Wildlife PhotographyEdit

Here are some additional snapshots in various life stages, from egg, to baby, then toddler and teen. 

Egg: The bejeweled reindeer raptor egg looks exactly ike a holiday ornament for a Christmas tree. The nest of leaves cradling the egg is delicately worked into a Christmas Wreath by the mother dino in order to provide camouflage for the baby.  The egg is carefully suspended from a coniferous tree using a golden hook to keep it off the frozen taiga. 

Life Stages for the Reindeer Raptor

Reindeerraptor egg@2x
Reindeerraptor baby@2x
Reindeerraptor toddler@2x
Reindeerraptor teen@2x
Egg Baby (1-3) Toddler (4-6) Teen (7-9)

Sitting Postures: Oh! The teen is waving at you!

Reindeerraptor egg@2x
Egg Baby (1-3) Toddler (4-6) Teen (7-9)

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