Introducing the handsome Aqua Corgisaurus , a variant on the original Corgisaurus

Found exclusively in the Shimmering Pack from the new Shimmering Booster Packs!

Start Date End Date
Tuesday March 18th, 2014 Tuesday March 25th, 2014

CombinedModal BoosterMarch2014

> > Add HUD when ready - NO HUD on starting day.

To purchase, click on the in-app HUD shown above or select the Mallet and then under the Featured options select the Booster Pack with the colorful new dino shown below. 

Featured boosterpacks0318@2x

You can also go directly to the goals icon.

Goals specialGoal shimmeringbooster 0318@2x


Featured items include a new dino - the Aqua Corgisaurus and two fan favorites, the Snow Leopard and the Dimetrodon. In addition to these awesome offers, the booster packs include cool habitats and some exclusive statue decorations. 

Shimmering Pack

Frozen Pack

Fire Pack


Aqua Corgisaurus

Snow Leopard


Corgisaurusblue baby@2x
Snowleopardpink baby@2x


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes


Crystal GiftBundle LoRes

Statue or Decoration Shimmering Sabretooth Frozen Corythosaurus Flaming Pterodactyl
Featured shimmeringpack image@2x
Featured frozenpack image@2x
Featured firepack image@2x

Jolly Jungle

Tranquil Tundra

Dusty Desert

Habitats premium jollyjungle thumbnail@2x
Habitat premium iceage thumbnail@2x
Habitat coin dustydesert thumbnail@2x
Cost $39.99 $19.99 $6.99

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