The awesome Snow Castle Wonder! challenge has arrived in Tiny Village for the second year in a row leading up to Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

In the challenge's first release (2012) players were required to be level 25 or higher to participate; however, this year (2013) the level requirement has been reduced to level 20 or higher.

Introductory Modal

Modals winterOfEchantmentRS@2x
Start Date End Date
Thursday December 12, 2013 Tuesday December 31st, 2013

Click the Mallet, followed by Featured and then select this featured graphic. 

Featured snowcastle sale@2x


Ice Snowflake

Required for step 2 of the challenge and the first item you will need to build. It will only become visible in the shop after you have completed the first step. 

Item Ice Snowflake
Decoration snowwondersnowflake thumbnail@2x
Cost 180,000 Coins
Reward 625 Coins / 5 Hours
Footprint [2, 2]
Build Time 18 Hours


This is the only visible item when the challenge first starts, but it is not needed until the fifth step. 

There is no harm, of course, in getting it started early. 

Item Observatory
Decoration observatory@2x
Cost 2999 Coins + 250 Wood + 250 Rocks
Reward 90 Coins / 4 Hours
Footprint [4, 4]

Snow Phoenix Statue

Needed for step six of the challenge. 

Item Snow Phoenix Statue
Decoration snowphoenix@2x
Cost 750,000 Coins & 8000 Stones
Reward 3500 Coins / 7 Hours
Footprint [3, 3]

Snow Castle Wonder

Building this wonder is the final step!

Item Snow Castle Wonder
Decoration snowcastlewonder@2x
Reward 5120 Coins / 9 Hours
Footprint [5, 5]

Featured StoreEdit

> > More soon

Challenge: Snow CastleEdit

Alert! Tasks for this year are not yet verified!

As the challenge starts, the only visible item is the Observatory. 

Step Task Reward Tips
Goals snowCastle 1@2x

Fuse 2 DInos

Collect 350 food and 450 wood

6000 Coins

3500 XP

Goals snowCastle 2@2x
Build the Ice Snowflake

6000 Coins

3500 XP

Goals snowCastle 3@2x
Build the Snow Factory

6000 Coins

3500 XP

Goals snowCastle 4@2x

Complete 2 Snow Flag Recipes

Complete 1 Snow Gate Recipe

6000 Coins

3500 XP

Goals snowCastle 5@2x

Feed DInos 3X

Build the Observatory

Complete 1 Snow Blocks Recipe

Goals snowCastle 6@2x
Build the Snow Phoenix
Goals snowCastle 7@2x
Build the Snow Castle

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